No, you read that correct.

It’s not a typo.

It’s what my fellow co-workers have coined as the name of this month.

You see it’s June here, but it feels cold. And it’s wet! All day on a popular social media site friends have been posting about the chilly wetness that is our June. Saying it feels more like March or November. But when I got to work, they were saying Junuary!

June + January = Junuary

Get it?

I did, and it made me laugh. I love it!

Here in the great Pacific NW we have a month only we can own!

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Swan dives and the edge of the Earth


It’s been a long, long time!

I’ve missed you so very much!

Really I have!

I know I’ve been so bad by not paying you any attention. Left you hanging with an empty promise. No new blog, it’s like I fell off the face of the earth.

I know!

And all I have to offer is lame apologies and hollow excuses. I’ve been out living, working, sleeping, being a mom/friend/selfish-self and a very neglectful blogger.

But I am going to try it again. And this time lets all hope I do better!

Lets hope I become a more regular. A more regular BLOGGER, I’m not trying to inform you of my *Ahem* daily functions…

Lets hope I don’t really find the edge of the earth and take a swan dive.


Do you forgive me?

Please do.

I’ve missed you so much.


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I’m trying to be back.

Hello BlogSphere, Lurkers, and Regulars! Oh how I’ve missed you!!!

Where the heck have I been?

Around. Here and there. Busy. Burned out.

I admit it, the 365 daily challenge kinda wore me out or as they say, I burned out. I dunno, it was like by the end I was really hoping it would end sooner than the 365th day. Heck by the 345 day I think I was done.

And it shows.

Oh some of those non-blogs…ouch!

Really not worth my time to write them much less for you to read them. I sincerely apologize for my lazy, horrendous posts on some of them there past days.

Would I do it again, you ask? Prolly not. But ya know-never say never.

If I were to do it again, I think I would go in with a better plan. And definitely more photos!

(I’ve REALLY got to get better at adding pics. Srsly!)

Also I would pre-write posts and schedule them to go ‘live’ more often. That was a blog-saver for a few weeks.

Am I sorry I did the challenge? Nope. I’m very glad I did. It focused me onto what I really want and what I really DON’T want my blog to do/be. And I got me some extra bloggy-type skillz in the process.

Would I recommend a 365 challenge to another blogger? Maybe. I would have to ask why they were interested first. Then go from there.

Do I miss a daily posting? No. I have more time to read the other blogs I do follow.

Honestly, I can’t believe its February and I haven’t posted since Dec. 31, 2011. I didn’t mean for us to be parted for so long. The burn, life, mommyhood and whatnot took over and I let my blog slip.

That I miss. I miss my blog, even if no one else is reading it, I write it for me and my family. I miss that. So here I am again. I have a new goal and I’m gonna keep it simple.

After all KISS-ing is really nice.


So if you’ll have me, here I am returning to my place of tinkerings and thinks. Mashing them all up into a little place I call, Sheila’s Thinkerings.

Oh it feels good to be back!

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Not my daughter and yet…

We are on an adventure! For the past three weeks we’ve been living it! Tonight our adventure changes.

And it’s weird. Even hurts a bit, maybe a silly lot.

Tonight we return Shallen back to school. College type school. She’ll be gone.

Not gone, gone. Just not WITH us.

I am sad.

I will miss her…tons.

Having her live with us for this brief time has been a wonderful, amazing and eye opening tome. She is my first ‘teen’, and that is a trip!

The worry’s I had when she was out late in the night. That inkling of imagined fears. Things prolly not going to happen but COULD. (None came to pass-whew!)

Let’s just say I breathed easier when she got home.

She is not my daughter by blood or marriage, but she certainly found her way into my heart and feels just like one.

We are all going to miss her. So much.

She is off to follow her own adventure of college, growing and becoming. I am so excited for her!!! Amazing things lie ahead! She is going to be awesome!

So we say goodbye, but not for long, or ever.

There will always be care packages to send, emails to write and visits too. (She is not THAT far away, small blessings!) I just hope she knows how much she is loved. How much a part of our family she has become.

I will always leave my door open to her…always.

I mean that Shallen. With all my heart.

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Happy New Year


May this year bring you much joy, happiness and love!!!

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That was a most fun and excellent day!

We went to the Seattle Art Museum, saw all the exhibits, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, walked around downtown. Ate again at Taste which is the SAM’s restaurant and we were served by Sam! Everyone got a kick outta that!

Then it was off to the boat, where we played some games and drew our favorite part of the day on paper. One of the quickest ferry rides I’ve ever taken, lol!

Good day. Full day. Good night.

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It’s the final count down!

T-Minus 2 days and Blog 365 is done-o-la! I can’t wait!


Then to work on that list. I can spend the time I was blogging, learning how to blog, lol!

I can hopefully check off some of those “To-Do’s” from oh so long ago.

Ya know little stuff like:

-Design my blog appearance

-Buy my url

-Get all fancy!

Little, non-time consuming things…

Until then though…I’m gonna finish this challenge WOOT!

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