I was raised on many food items including fish and seafood. It was not unheard of in our house to eat endless crab a few nights a week. And also the fish. Lots of fish. All kinds of fish, with the preceded pleasure experience of geoduck stew. Yes I even had to ‘try’ that a few times, weird how I never developed a taste for that slime style of stew. Hmmm…

I have to say, after all that eating of the bounty of the sea…bleck!

I’ve had enough to last many life times. Sure I get the rare and occasional fish and chips dipped in thick batter and deep-fried in the un-healthiest oil possible. But I prolly want it for the oil…and batter…don’t we call that a donut?

Another reason that I am not so fond of fish, is well, the fishabalism. Eep! The horror! Fish eat baby fish, it’s just awful! They eat smaller fish, they eat fish eggs. Ewwww. Fish eggs. Ewww. Smelly, slimy, stinky, slippery fish eggs.

The question is there, in plain black and white. Should we eat an animal that eats its own kind?

I know this is a horrible question of morality! And I have not the answer. We each must choose for ourselves in this moral dilemma. Perhaps that ‘fishy’ tasting fish is due to the fishabalistic nature of fish. Alas I have not the answer for this either.

What I do have an answer for is me. I’ll not stop eating fish due to fishabalism. But rather because of the sheer amount of prior seafood consumption that I have enjoyed endured done as a child, I’m good. I’ll just stick with the rare basket o’ fish and chips and call it good.


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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1 Response to Fishabalsim

  1. Fishabalsim.. never thought of it that way. I will add that to my many of reasons why I do not like fish!

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