Dear Costco,

Please stop removing the organic products from your store, our local store at least.

Tonite as I was shopping, just after renewing my membership, there was no organic peanut butter. There were two other people also searching the isles with me. It is not uncommon for you to move things around. We may not like it, but we can deal with it. Besides the search becomes an adventure, which is your marketing point. I get it and I’m cool with it. After about ten minutes of searching with one shopper going one way, the other the opposite and me heading the end-caps, no organic peanut butter was to be found.

I did find three employees. One who searched with us, the other one looked it up on their pocket device and then told us it is gone. The third employee confirmed that the organic peanut butter is no longer to be carried.


You’ve done this to me before. You’ve taken away the organic granola cereal, the organic chewy granola bars, the oh-so-tasty organic frozen corn, the organic fruits (although I understand that could be seasonally related), and the organic fruit snacks.

You’re killin me here.

I’m a mom. Therefore it is part of my job to buy the healthiest food options I can. For our family, that means as organic as we can be. When the organics started showing up on Costco shelves, in Costco sizes at superb prices, I flipped! You made me so happy!

But my happiness with you is waning. These past few months the organics are one by one disappearing.

I am shopping for less and less with you. I am shopping more and more elsewhere. Am I paying through the nose for some of these organic products? Yes. Are my kids worth it? Oh yes!

You have me on edge…is the organic milk next?

My Costco list grows shorter each month. My other shopping store grows bigger each month. My budget does not change much to accommodate such a shift. Therefore I am no longer buying ‘extras’ at Costco. You know, things like magazines, those gorgeous little dresses, seasonal items or even the toys.

What is a Mom to do?

She is to keep choosing the best she can for her family. Even if that means buying it at someone else’s establishment.

The Best Mom I Can Be.


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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8 Responses to Dear Costco,

  1. Michelle W says:

    I am with you! They keep taking away things we buy! Thanks for the heads-up on the PB, cause we weren’t quite out of it yet.

    • Sheila's Thinkerings says:

      I know. I’m starting to reconsider my membership. But first I’l send them a copy of this post and the comments 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    We LIVE off of peanut butter (I have 2 non-meat eaters) and Costco said the price of Peanuts has gone up 46%–and they will not make the organic peanut butter anymore because it cost too much…and they will not be carrying Jif anymore either for the same reason–can’t bring the prices down. I went to Wal-Mart and stocked up like it was Armagedeon!!! 🙂 Trader Joes seems to have reasonable prices on stuff!

  3. Michael says:

    Peanut butter may be the one thing you may not want to buy organic. Peanuts are a crop that grows underground and as such are subject to many organic fungal toxins that are naturally occurring in the soil. These natural toxins are hard to detect until you get sick.

    • Sheila's Thinkerings says:

      Really?! Wow! This I did not know, going to look into this more. Fungus among us is not the plan. Thank you for opening a new door for me 🙂

  4. Sheila, I am with you on stories get you hooked on a product and then quite carrying them. It is frustrating to this busy mom. However, as a farmer and mom I am curious to understand why you think organic is better? I respect your choice but I also invite you and all moms to read my post 5 Myths about Food, Have a great day!

    • Sheila's Thinkerings says:

      There are many reasons why I think organic is better. I did read your post on the 5 Myths about Food. I do encourage others to as well. I also encourage folks to read further on the same 5 Myths as there will be evidence to support both sides of the story. (Here is just one site as an example: With my educational background in the sciences, I am in the, ‘organic is better all around (for the planet and the people)’, boat. Wonderful thing is we all get to educate ourselves and make our own choice. But the number one reason I choose organic is the taste. By far, the taste of organic is a thousands times better. Being a Washingtonian, I’ve cut the same variety of apple, side by side, purchased at the same time, from the same grocery store, and I ate a slice of each. The organic apple BURST with flavor! I cook from scratch and organic ingredients across the board taste better.

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