Halloween Ghost Train!

Tonite we met up with some family and friends in Port Orchard and rode the Ghost Train!

It was excellent! So much fun! I’ve never been on them so I had no idea what to expect but all my expectations were met and surpassed! Those little trains were fun to ride and got more speed than I thought they could muster.

As for the Halloween part, well, we thought it was for ‘little kids’ and it is. Lots of littles ones were having a blast!

And it isn’t. If you have a child that cannot make it through the Spirit Store, not that I would know anything about this, then this ride should be done in the daylight, with you right behind them. But of course this is only a suggestion, I have no experience with an easily scared child…ahem.

The ride was about 7 minutes long with twists, turns, hills and mini-bridges. Along they way you’ll meet vampires, ghosts and all sorts of spooks, but I won’t spoil it for you. I will tell you for the $3 ticket, it was excellent!

While you wait in the long, long line, there were booths set up to go Trick Or Treat with the kiddlets. Some booths have games to play and the Kitsap Police are there allowing ‘car seating’. The kids got a kick out of really, really getting to sit in a Real Police car! If you get a bit hungry, there is a hot dog/burger tent to nosh in.

This was a wonderful way to spend the evening! This post is only my experience and opinion, I’m not being compensated in any way, but I would like to give you their web info so you can go check it out. If a Ghost Train is not your thing, they do train rides for other seasons too! Check out Kitsap Steamers here.

Sorry pictures were not allowed.


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