Where does it go…


Stop reading now if you’re squeamish.

On our way to bus #1 this morning I noticed something ‘in’ the road ahead. As we got closer I noticed that there was a lot of something in the road. I said to my son: That better be a tree branch…

It wasn’t.

It was a fawn.

I was not happy.

I understand how deer are hit, they are easily spooked creatures and jump, leap or bound crazily. So I get it, hitting one with your car is totally possible. So I wasn’t unhappy with the driver, just unhappy that ‘our’ deer family of three is now down to two.

This fawn definitely died immediately and it had been there for a bit. Not that long, but long enough to continue its part in the circle of life, the coyote had already been at it. I’m totally cool with that. Road kill should not be wasted, there are plenty of other animals that will do their part in the cleaning and rightfully so. Think on it, if the coyote have filled their bellies with road kill, (and even a fawn will many coyote bellies), then Whiskers or Fluffy will live through another night-or two.

Well I had to get my boy to the bus, so we continued on. I headed back home planning to get my grubbies on to head back up and ‘take care’ of the fawn. Even a dead fawn will cause much damage to a vehicle. Much. Laying in the middle of the road is not an ideal place to be left.

As I headed back up to the bus stop, with child #2 in tow, we saw a coyote participating in the circle. We were sorry that our car scared it away.

I got kidlet #2 off to school and just as the bus was leaving a work crew came along. They were ‘taking care’ of the ‘situation’. I stopped to ask a few questions but unfortunately another car was coming along and even though I got some of my questions answered, I did not get the Big One in:

Where does it go?

We live in a heavily wooded area. Heavily. As in there are deer, coyote, bear, and even cougar. The last three would ‘take care’ of one dead fawn in a matter of hours. I am totally cool with this. I am so cool with it, I wish it were the case in all road kills. I understand not everyone lives in a heavily or even wooded area, but if you do then why not?

Why not let the coyote, bear and cougar have a meal? The fawn should not go to waste. Most folks aren’t going to eat it, we don’t live like that anymore. Our meat comes from the grocery store. But if you think on it, our grandparents woulda pulled over and got out their knives right then and there and divvied up the spoils. Stew would be whats for dinner.

I so want to call tomorrow and ask where does it go…but I hesitate. If the answer is not right, do I really want to know? Do I really want to know that not only did our coyote not get breakfast, but no animal did? Do I really want to know?

What has happened to the circle that makes the world go round? It is gathering more and more corners, losing its smooth curves. One of these days we’re all going to get stuck in a corner.

That makes me shudder.


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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