Sing-A-Long Conversation Starter

I was just reading an article in my favorite magazine about how a family should have a band.

I love family.

I love music.

I love bands.

But a family band…that I am not so sure about.

We are not talented like the Partridge Family…

Then I read the article. Of course it was much simpler than what I was thinkering of. They were just giving some fun tips about family time and keeping it fun. There were other added bits of ‘extras’ in the family band, but mostly it was just saying that a family sing-a-long is a good way to keep those lines of communication open.

And have a silly blast of fun while you’re at it.

I like it!

Anyway to keep those lines of convo flowing is a way I’ll use.

So far we don’t really have a problem of family communication. Ours is pretty excellent, unless you count the times I forget to write something down on the calendar and NOT tell anyone else. No worries, it’s not anything important like dentist appointments or the like…er, um…yeah…

I keep hearing that with the teen years looming ahead, communication might get rocky. So I’m tucking the family sing-a-long in my pocket for use on those days.

It should come in pretty easy for us because we’ve already developed a singing game of sorts. All four of us LOVE music! We play our game when there is no power, while I’m cooking dinner or a spontaneous morning round will break out. It goes like this: someone sings a phrase out of any song that is NOT the verse with the title in it and everyone else guesses the name of the song. Difficulty addition: name the artist too.

We love it! Easy, fun and keeps the memory exercised.

When our lines of communication go down…if they do…we’ll pull the sing-a-long out and bring in our song guessing game. That should do the trick to get our convo flowing again.

What are your tricks to open the doors of chat?


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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