The Chaos of Mommyhood

I have been a mom for over a decade now. If I add in all the ages of the children I have watched, had a hand in raising, tutored or taught something that number would be closer to century!

It has been an amazing ride, and we are only half way through! I think I’ve done an O.K. job. Maybe tooting my horn there, but that is what I think.

There is one thing that is always, ALWAYS present in the ‘hood’ of Mommies: Chaos.

No theory either. This is proven, hard, fact!

Chaos comes with children, the only variable is the amount you’ll receive.

You won’t know which kind you’ll get until it happens, but I know that what ever you kind you get, as a Mom, you’ll figure it out. Maybe not right away, but you will. Have hope because there is a solution to learning how to deal with the chaos.

When you figure out that one, another will pop up. This is where I am. Right now. Today. Tomorrow. And who knows for how long…apparently chaos is also a constant, but I am open for scientific debate on that one.

Take for instance puberty.

Some Moms complain about those ‘terrible twos’ or the ‘frightening fours’. Me I’d take either one ANY day over puberty.

It’s not even puberty in and of itself that is the problem. It’s the new-ness of it. The totally out-of-left-field-but-you-knew-it-was-coming-you-just-didn’t-KNOW, new-ness.

This curve ball is a doosey!

My mitt is way too small to catch this one!

The umpire has left the arena.

The fans, well, they’ve stayed to watch the outcome of this whole process because this will affect them as a society. How we get through puberty will be a large determining factor of the adult to come.


So much pressure.

And ‘new’.

Two things that make life difficult.

Thankfully, I am not alone. Many Mom’s have done this before me…and survived. Heck even their kids survived into normal, functioning, wonderful adults.

This gives me hope. So much hope.

And I tremble in fear of screwing it all up.

Tender times this puberty season.

Tough times too.

I know there is a balance in there somewhere and by gosh golly I’m gonna find it!

Until then, I’ll keep embracing the chaos and dipping deep into my patience well.


And breathe…I must remember to breathe…because when we figure this one out, I have no idea what the next new chaos will bring. But I know it will bring it’s full game and I know I’ll be ready!


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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One Response to The Chaos of Mommyhood

  1. Keith says:

    Your insight to just keep trying is the right answer. The notion that you might have some new idea that no one has dealt with before is normal. I think about my dealing with my son and look out to see so many others out there with problems I am not dealing with. Am I doing the right thing? Will he grow up to be that loving, supportive man who cares for others just because it is the human thing to do? What can I be doing different to make things better for him? All this goes through my head each day….but you know what? I think that parents for dozens or hundreds of generations have asked the same things and we are still functional as a society. Maybe we are just supposed to ponder the thoughts about our kids. They are going to be okay and our example or attitude may be the most important factor to making sure they are ready for the curve balls in life. Maybe our parents had the same curve balls a few years back when they stood on the field of play and pondered the same things…….?
    Love you and your ponderings nice lady!

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