Happy Birthday My Son!

Those mommies were right. In their experience and wisdom, they were right. Time flies.

Fast away. Gone.

But I still have the gift of you for many years yet. And I’m gonna make them the best years yet!

Watching you grow has amazed me. I am floored at how tall you are! We are counting the grades and probably this grade will be the one that you pass me in height. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna break 6′.

You’re funny too. When we have our car ride time, just the two us, and we’re not stressed the convo flows easily. You crack me up! You’re a lot like me in that way. We share a common humor. Sweet.

You’re also a smart one. It’s getting harder and harder to ‘pull one over’ you. You catch on to things sometimes even quicker than I do. Perception is like second nature to you. You ‘see’ things clearly and well. Too well sometimes, Dad and I are learning how to tell you about the truths you now see. If I could shield you from the horrors of this world, I would. But that is not what parenting is about, not totally. There is a time to shield and a time to teach you how to handle what will come your way. We have entered that season. I promise to the best I can.

I miss your little baby legs and take on the world/’heck with the rest o ya’ attitude. As you’ve grown, you’ve gotten shy-ish. There are definitely things you will NOT do, but still things you will and new ones to come. I am thinkering as you grow into who are, you will find that attitude again and use it to the full potential. That will be something to see, and I can’t wait! Nothing will stop you.

You are strong, compassionate and loving. All of these things with the smart and funny will make you a very unique and wonderful person. Exactly what I prayed for in a son. You will go far and love the journey.

Your heart, oh! Special, still tender, and so BIG! You feel deeply and it is wonderful! Genuine! Full! We share this same bond as well, so when life hurts, remember I do understand. I’ve felt it very much the same as you. I will always be here to help you through the not so fun parts of life. Just remember that you must protect it. There are times to fling open the door and fly wild, but there are other times to guard your heart well. Daddy and I will do our best to teach you to recognize the difference.

I pray you are surrounded by Christ-followers so that you are sharpened and uplifted. I pray that you find the path God has specifically chosen for you and I hope that you choose to walk it. Always your angels be around you and protect you from harm. I pray you are wise and happy. God hold him in your hand always and keep him close to you ~Amen.

Never forget my sweet boy, that you are loved by God to the ends of time and back. To the highest mountain and the deepest depth of the seas. As far as one can measure and beyond, you are loved.

I love you too. Always. Happy Birthday!


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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