Someone has to go up there.

WAAAAYYYYY up there.

On the roof.

We got to de-moss that thing. It looks like a magical faerie land up there.

Pretty, but not so good for the quality and life of the roof.

Grant began today, but we need a tougher bristles.

He used his hand to brush a lot off, but have you seen the size of our roof. Hand removal, even with a thick leather glove is NOT the way to go. There is barely a path cut through the forest a noticable difference.

Tomorrow we are off to the home improvement store.

Ahhh Home Improvement…do you remember that show? I love it!

Wait does that make me old?…


I digress…


We are discussing moss. On the roof.

The TALL roof.

It’s not so tall in the front, it’s the back that is a killer long way down.

They call our style of home: Daylight Rambler.

This means: short in front, Fear in back.

If you are the roof anyway. If you’re in the house, it’s lovely.

Yes, tomorrow we get to ‘death defy’ and de-moss. Then we get to sprinkle on the borax. Because we do not want to let it get this bad ever again.

I’m thinking de-mossing and sprinkling twice a year outta do it…

I hope…that is one HIGH roof!



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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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