PoulsboPalooza 2011



I loved it!

Finally I got to stay the WHOLE day and see the WHOLE thing!

I was so happy.

It was so good!

I found a new band to lurve much! ChYeah ChYeah.

Oh have you heard them?

They are sweet! So good, at least for my taste and they gave out free cd’s!

Yes they did!

The other bands were excellent too! It was a great day to just hang out, eat good food and chat with friends.

Telling ya, PoulsboPalooza has it all! Food, friends, bands, the field, a play structure, a garden you can stroll through and even water.

My daughter and her friends played “Splashy Splashy”. Good thing we had extra pants along with us for her to change into as the evening wore on.

I should note, water play at PoulsboPalooza is optional. The bands will not douse you. You must go to the water.

There is even something for the kids: face painting and Oreos!

You know about the Oreos right? If not, then come next year to find out…it’s fun!

We also had diapers. Yes diapers, you read that correctly. There was a diaper drive to help start-up the brand new diaper drive for Central Kitsap Food Bank. Look how many were given! Thank you to everyone who gave!

The day was overcast, but it’s ok, the sun peeked out mid-afternoon and warmed us all up. Got us toasty even, the E-Z Ups went up for a bit. We’ve been before so we know some potential items that should be brought along…just in case. It is anyones guess for weather during any given day in the Pacific Northwest.

So glad I got to be there, all day. I enjoyed it throughly.

Thanks PoulsboPaloozers!

Wait…um…that sounds kinda not right…

Thanks PoulboPalooza crew and bands for making it happen!


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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