Garage Sale-ing is fun!

Yesterday we went garage sale-ing.

I took three kidlets with me.

We had a blast!

Just those kids and me. The Hubby would’ve loved to tag along but he was hanging with my Dad doing some firework stuff. And you thought fireworks was only the 4th of July. Not so for our family…I did a whole series about it. You can read Day 1 here…if you like.


Off we went.

There were tons! I mean TONS! But we only went to 5. After the 5th one, I was out of cash and that is probably a good thing! I found some treasures! Cheap! Well comparatively cheap and I was happy!

Here is one photo I found of my find

The best part…it cost me all of $15 for the lamp, the matching tray and votive holder! All three! The lady wanted to ‘move’ her things. I helped her move quite a bit.

The kids did too. They picked out a fiber optic Christmas house and a small gingerbread house, both are going to spectacular come Christmas!

I just wish my girlfriends were with me-we woulda probably pooled our monies and ‘moved’ it all for her.

We found more, but I can’t tell you, because they are for some future presents…

At other garage sales my nephew found his favorite thing in the world: cars. They were a dime each. He was in heaven!

My girl found a few toys that she fell in love with and since it was less than two dollars for all, I let her buy them.

My son found a classic Pac-Man game that he just couldn’t live without. He’s older so he wasn’t really finding much so I let him get it. What made him oober happy was the X-Box 360 plus 8 games at a different garage sale. It was pricey, but he’s been saving for one for two years…this one worked, still has the on-line service and all those games…I called the Hubby!

He said yes. My son is happy as a clam! More so since we took the unwanted games in and traded them for the one he’s been dying to have! He traded in 5, got the one he wanted and a gift card with $12 on it for some future purchase.

Yup garage sale-ing is the best!

Of course now I need to host one to clean out some more of our things…


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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