Warrior Dash 2

Yes I am a Warrior once again.

Not the best Warrior mind you, but a warrior none the less.

I am #574 in placement! Not bad considering that there were a total of THOUSANDS that ran this thing! Yes I was at the bottom-ish of my age group, but I finished! That was the goal.

Ok it wasn’t the starting goal, but it became the goal 1/4 way through the race.

You see, I got ‘dashed’ by a blister!

Yes a stupid blister.

I felt it about 100 yards in. I’m not kidding. It came on early and quick. But it was small so I ignored it and kept on going. No adjustments, just kept on going.

Not the brightest idea. Half way through it grew to the size of quarter!

3/4’s of the way through it popped and then my flesh was raw and open.

Amazingly the agony of a blister is intense! I mean I couldn’t believe how bad it was!

True I was ‘running’ through mud deep as my shins but still a little ol’ blister! It did me in!

I. Couldn’t. Run. I. Had. To. *gasp!* Walk.

Oy…not the plan.

Also my time delay was the Warrior Wall. That thing was awful! 16 feet straight up and all you get is a slippery, mud-covered rope with 1/2″ toe holds every three feet. That’s it. And I mean STRAIGHT up. It was hard and being that I have a fear of heights, when I reached the top (on my third attempt) I panicked! Then I got stuck.

I did.

The team of gals wearing red, be blessed! They helped me get over the wall. One of them, who had already conquered the Wall came back, climbed up it like a monkey and helped me over the top. Without her, them and my hubby who was cheering me on I would have probably fallen. I was frozen in place. It was awful.

Mind over matter.

Sure. When the matter is not 16 feet off the ground…

So the Wall, the blister, the mucky mud and the walking gave me a finish time of: 1:17:09.50. I did not beat my Oregon Warrior Dash time of 56 minutes. But I think Oregon was easier, even with the hills, it was easier.

I still finished and didn’t quit! That was the ‘new’ goal. Keep going, don’t give up. So I am still a winner!

I would love to show you all the awesome pics that were taken, but that is not working out. Technical difficulties.

My favorite part of Washington’s Warrior Dash had to be…and this makes no sense due to my fear o heights and what not…the Cargo Climb! It was the 3rd to the last obstacle. Just a simple cargo net strung over some wood, about 20 feet up, over the top and back down. Taller than the Wall but easier. And really, really fun. The crowd of spectators are right there so they are watching and you can see your friends plus the finish line! It’s exhilarating!

I also love, love, love the Road Rage. You get to climb over cars! It’s so much fun! Walking on cars is not something you get to do everyday.

The funniest part of the day had to be the First Aid tent. I almost didn’t give them a visit but with a massive popped blister and one teeny scrape on the hand that had all been drug through countless pounds of mud, I thought twice about it.

I walked up and jokingly said, “So the mud is sterile right?” They all chuckled and said, “Well if you were the first run out, then maybe. But by this time there’s probably urine mixed in.”

Uhhh…really? Who would do that? I mean I guess I can understand that it could happen, but really?! Ugh. If you pee’d during the dash, you should definitely lose your Warrior Status and not get the t-shirt. Sheesh!

So they had me enter the tent and began rinsing my wounds. The cut on my hand never really came clean, but it was small anyway. The blister though they rinsed it very throughly, VERY. They use Bactine. I almost kicked the fellow doing his job. Instead I sang an aria. They enjoyed that but thought it would have been funny to kick him too.

They also gave me the accolades of Biggest Blister.

I can add that to my t-shirt and Warrior Dash medal.

Totally worth it.

I will be doing this again next year. Oh yes. You will see me out there in the mud trying not to die. Only with better shoes and maybe moisture wicking socks…no blisters allowed. Even if accolades come with it, no more blisters. I am going to beat my time of 56 minutes next year.


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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4 Responses to Warrior Dash 2

  1. Cindy J says:

    Way to go! I so want to do that some day before I am too old to walk! 🙂

  2. Grandma Lone Bear says:

    so proud of my kids, the Sullivan Warrior Clan!

    • Sheila's Thinkerings says:

      Oooohh… I like it!

      Sullivan Warrior Clan!

      The oldest wants to run but isn’t old enough yet…

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