Careful, or You Might be a Slug Enabler too…

My good friend should be a master gardener. Her yard is gorgeous! Like a professional comes in and does her landscaping. Walking into her yard is like walking into Valley Nursery, but planted.

She has berms, natives, lush green foliage. There are fun little trinkets to please the eye. Trees of all kinds and sizes. Paths that beckon you to follow them. Blooms and textures and so much more!

It is warm and welcoming.

Calm and peaceful.

Like the pros were there. But its just her. She works a little bit of her yard every night.

The results are spectacular!

She should win some kind of award or something.

To get that lush green foliage on delicate beauties isn’t that hard here in the wetness that is our home state. Rain is pretty plentiful, it’s the slugs that do the damage. They also love the wet! All that wet makes plentiful ‘salads’ for slugs to nosh on. And chomp away they do!

In one night they can ruin your best hosta!

There are many ways to combat those pesky critters. My friend does not use poisons in her yard, not even on the slugs. So for those little fellas she does the ‘pleasant’ task of hand removing and *ahem* disposal.

Of course she does not catch every one. We both think they multiple exponentially.

For the ones that are missed by hand picking, she leaves out little tubs of beer.

Slugs are alcoholics you know. They love that stuff! They are drawn to beer like a moth to a flame. So tubs of beer are set out for their ‘pleasure’ each night.

Until lately…

She put our her tubs of beer for the past two weeks and would find them empty by morning.


No beer.

No slugs.


After changing up a few things for a few nights and finding the same results, there was only one thing to do. Set out the trap and go check it in an hour. So she did…and what she discovered was shocking!

She set up the trap, waited then headed out with a flashlight for a peek. She found the most ginormous slug, (she says it was about a foot long!), daintily drinking the beer! It was too big to fall in! Long enough to simply crawl part way up the container, reach over the edge and drink it’s fill! No harm, a filling beverage and off it goes.

She scouted the area and found another slug the same size doing the same thing! These larger than average slugs have been ‘partying it up’ in her yard for two weeks now!

Unknowingly she became an enabler! *gasp!*

We had a chuckle and creepout aren’t sure how to solve this one. Bigger buckets I suppose because going out every night to catch the big guys is just not the best plan. Besides, I think their enormity kinda grossed her out. I can’t say as I blame her on that one…

But a slug enabler…that is just too good! We’ll giggle about this one for a long time!


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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