4th of July-Day 3

For those first timers to this here post, you may or may not, wish to read the previous posts leading up to this one. If you would then Day 1 is here and Day 2 is here.

Now to carry on…

Day 3 is finally everyone’s 4th of July! The boys are still out working the ‘pit’ for most of the day, I mean with this many racks, mortars and various other fireworks, it takes a long time to get it all ready!

They do finish in time to enjoy some BBQ and friends before shoot time. Here they are taking a break on the big rock in between parking cars.

We invite at least two churches every year plus friends to come out and celebrate. One church brings extra grills so we can cook up a storm! And everyone potlucks something so there is plenty to eat!

Lots of kidlets about so we set up a special ‘shoot’ area just for them. They have a blast with snakes, flowers, tanks and later sparklers:

The board in front with blue tape is supposed to be other side up. It says "No Children Unattended". Safety first people.

Before I go into the actual show, I would like very much to make it clear that we are VERY safe about what we do. My Dad, Nephew and Husband are all TRAINED in pyrotechnics. What you read in these blogs are done by professionals. My hubby is even licensed. We also have quite a few firemen and a fire marshall attend the show. Also we have taken other precautions. There are charged hoses ready to go, coiled in a precise manner to avoid kinks, tangles and hang ups. We all wear fire-retardant gear, safety glasses and helmuts (My Dad’s is even his favorite color-Pink!) and if that isn’t enough there are many, many fire extinguishers posted in AND around the pit.

Lots of these babies all around, charged and ready to go!

There are many other safety rules that we have: No Dogs, Watch your kids at all times, etc…I don’t want to bore you with all that. Heck we can even stop the show, the LIVE show, at ANY time. As in once the show starts we can still stop it should we need to. Point is folks, what you are about to see is not done with out extreme care. Our goal is to have a wonderful 4th, but a safe one too. So please do not try any of this unless you are a trained and licensed pryo-tech, m’kay. Promise me…thank you.

Now on to the show!

Keep in mind my photography skillz…these are not pro by any means. Just me and my little Kodak Easy Share. I wanted to take more, but technically I am working the show. I’m on fire watch, people watch (folks are NOT allowed to walk in certain areas, for what should be very obvious reasons but they still try. We have to actually post…umm…well for lack of a better word…guards to stop folks from getting too close. Believe me they do try…what is up with that? And I thought I was crazy…oh wait…I am pretty darn close to these babies…but I have training…), and driveway watch. We keep the driveway clear at ALL times-another safety measure…

There is a double show going on most of the time. Both aerial and ground fireworks are going on. It’s really beautiful! You have to see it to know and if you have been there, you do. But for my skillz I took what I could while working the shoot. What you are about to see is only a very small portion. This years show lasted 46 minutes!

We have different heights of mortars choreographed to music!

The colors this year were outstanding!

Ok I know this is not the greatest pic...but I'm trying...


This is on the ground and they 'swayed' side to side. Not really, just an effect of how they were fired and they were gorgeous!

My Favorite!!

I caught the tail in this one! So happy!


That is just some of what was shown. The sky was full and if it wasn’t the ground show was. I think, and so did many other folks agree, that this years show was the BEST ever! We’ve been doing this for…oh I dunno…15 years now and some years are not as good. I admit it, we’re not perfect. But this year…oh it was the best! My Nephew was the designer of this years show. He choreographed 18,000 shots! Talk about skillz! He did an amazing job!!! Everyone loved it! It was beautiful, well done and excellent! Nice job Sir, I love you!

What? Are you still stuck on 18,000 shots? Yes there really were that many. I’m not kidding. There were. Now you understand a bit more why it takes months to do this then. Each shot needs a launching pad that is securely anchored to the ground. I’m telling you safety is well thought out for this-professionals. In 15 years you learn a lot and make it better each time. It’s worth it. A night to celebrate America with friends and family is priceless.

The 4th was wonderful this year. Good food, good music, good friends and family and excellent show. I can’t wait to see what the boys come up with next year!

…to be continued…what you thought it was done on the 4th of July…ha! You will see…


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  2. Tanya says:

    I’m so proud! You did an excellent job with the pics!!! sniff. My girl is expanding her knowledge and skills! 😉

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