4th Of July 2011-Day 1

Now the 4th of July is technically one day of the year, but for our family, it is many days.


You have no idea.

We begin months in advance. When the actual 4th draws near, things are busy.

Every weekend.

It’s not so bad. The show that my Dad, Nephew and Hubby put together is AMAZING!

I am jumping ahead though. I do not have the energy to write a post of ALL that happens on this holiday for our family. Nor would you like to read such a post. It would be long and heavy on the photos. It will probably be heavy on the photos anyway.

I know, me and my photo skillz. It’s feast or famine.

I know.

I digress…

The first day of our 4th happened to fall on the 2nd of the calendar month.

My honey was out at my Dad’s continuing the set up of the show so the kids and I, having other responsibilities and obligations, remained at home. Since the 4th was on a Monday this year, our community’s celebrations also began on the 2nd- Tiny Town was open!

Tiny Town is Kingston’s little playland for all ages to enjoy. There is so much to do and delicious food to eat-which I almost took a picture of but I had eaten half of my lunch by the time I thought of it. Who wants to see a half eaten taquito? Only me…as it is making its way to my mouth to become a fully eaten taquito, but not necessarily you’re thing. So I skipped the food pic. You’re welcome.

I DID take pics though. You many now feast your eyes

Here are the kidlets painting bird houses. I know these are going to look great in our gardens!

The finished creation!

Of course face painting, but my town is so awesome they also did arm painting! Lots of little ones running around with the Flag on an arm, hand or BOTH!

The food booths, so many to choose from and being a ‘small’ town, most of the booths were to support local programs like the girls basketball team or the high school football team. There was even cotton candy! No picture because well there were three of us and it just didn’t last long enough. Cotton candy never does!

Best Taquito ever! From The Little Kitchen

This is, (I think) how Tiny Town got its name. These little ‘stores’ line one side of the field and inside each one is something to do wether it be a craft or a rest area. They are adorable!

There are even pony rides!

Who could ask for more? Tiny Town is the best! Full of fun, friends and fabulousness! Look how happy you can be

These are not even pictures of everything there is to do at Tiny Town. There is so much and well, feast or famine people…feast or famine.

We could spend all day there! Entertainment, fun, friends but obligations and responsibility. We had our fun then got our stuff done. While the Hubby was away, I began the cooking. Food is a must on the 4th and with so much to do the baking begins early.

We don’t always get to visit Tiny Town, it depends on what day of the week they open but this year, our holiday began with it. Even if my oldest is getting ‘too old’ to enjoy all Tiny Town has to offer, we still had a wonderful day.

4th of July 2011 to be continued…for now exhaustion is taking over and my bed is calling my name…after a few more posts you will understand.


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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5 Responses to 4th Of July 2011-Day 1

  1. Michelle W says:

    Oh! I want to see more!!!! Glad you had good time.

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