Precious Girl

Happy Birthday my lovely little wonder!

Another year older! Amazing how much you have grown!

Watching you grow into a young lady has been a wonderful, beautiful gift. You are so YOU. No one on this entire planet is like you. You are unique! Special! Kind! A Joy! Never lose that Precious One, never. You are irreplaceable!

I love you so much!

You keep me on my toes, talk a mile a minute and are so full of energy some days I, ME, am exhausted by just watching you! That is saying a lot as you have a pretty active Momma, but you can run circles around me! You make the Energizer Bunny blush with the amount of ‘go’ in you. When you’re done, You. Are. Done. I love how you listen to yourself and rest when you need to. You are so smart! Remember to always listen, it’s the only body you’re ever going to get.

You have strength, I know you can be anything your heart desires-Anything! You can go as far as you wish! Be anything! You are that strong.

And sassy! Oh you can really put on the Sass-A-Frass alright! You’re not even a teen yet and you can let your mouth fly. Caution little one, that can get you into serious trouble. But if you learn when, where and how, it will only make you stronger. I have no doubt you will master this skill.

Sass-A-Frass alright!

We took you Olive Garden, a favorite restaurant, tonite with family and friends. We all had a wonderful time! You are so loved by all, we even picked up a new ‘cousin’ from the next table over. It was his birthday too!

We were having so much fun, he wanted to join in!

A fun thing to celebrate on your birthday, dinner with wonderful people who love you very much. Too many were missing, but as you will learn, that is part of life. You can’t have everything all the time so enjoy what you do have and live in the moment.

My prayer for you is to stay strong, do not let others lead you the wrong way or break you down. Be yourself, always. I pray you wear what YOU love. I pray you don’t let others tell you how to dress. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Strength is in you, I pray you call upon it when needed. Stand up tall and proud. Don’t follow the crowd, follow God. He will never let you down. Trust in Him, seek the path He has set for you and you will have all you ever need and the rewards will be many. Keep your laughter ready and use it often. Be true, don’t lie. I pray you are surrounded by Godly people your whole life. I pray you are protected now and always and that you choose to remain with God always. Live life, love deeply, work hard and most of all KNOW You are loved. Truly. Madly. Deeply. You are loved. -Amen

To the bright, beautiful, wonderful You! I love you with all my heart. You are my Precious Pearl, my Challenge, my Absolute JOY.

My girl, Happy Birthday!



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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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