Bite Me

That was a spectacular weekend! It only rained at night! Woohoo! Therefore I got lots done in my yardening and I enjoyed it.


The sucky part was, the No See-Ums were out in force! Everywhere! They have apparently lost their invisibility because I could totally see them. I saw them EATING ME ALIVE! I’m not kidding! I was weeding away when I felt a little pinch in my elbow pit. You know that part where the nurse puts an IV in your arm? I don’t know what it’s really called but I call an elbow pit. Anyway it was there that I felt a little pinch. I knew I was not currently in the hospital receiving an IV so I looked down to see what it was. A teeny, tiny little No See-Um! Right there! Feasting its little heart out! I’m sorry to say, it was its last meal.

Then I looked at my arm…it was COVERED with No See-Ums! Covered! I kid you not! I was the evenings entrée for those little critters! I didn’t have time to deal with buggies. Couldn’t they see all these weeds? Gah! So I ever so not wisely kept on weeding. I mean there teeny tiny! How much damage can they do? Well quite a bit! Any exposed skin has multiple bites.

I’m not kidding. Exposed skin = bites galore!

Just for kicks, my son and I counted the number of bites on ONE of my arms. From the elbow down there are 26 bites. 26! My ankles fair a bit better but curse those ‘low-ride’ jeans…my lower back has EIGHT bites! And they all ITCH! Ohmygoshgolly! They itch WORSE than a mosquito bite! Calamine, Benadryl or hydro-cortisone stock just went up!

This should not surprise me, bugs love me. I must have some sweetness to me its all in my blood. Bugs feast on me profusely! I have to use a really, really good bug spray. (Read poison). My blood is apparently irresistible because even with an entire can of spray I am still bitten.

Bugs or no bugs, I did finish the goal of planting this weekend. My yard is on it’s way to someday look really nice. I guess all I can say to the No See-Ums and other biting, blood sucking bugs is: Bite Me! I’m still gonna keep working on my yard. But I will add an extra layer of bug spray next time. Soon the mosquitoes will be out…eep!


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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