Winter or Summer

I have a question, and it may not be what you’re thinking it is.

The question is not meant just for the Ladies either. I sincerely hope there are some Gents out there that do this too.

Do you prefer to mop in the winter or the summer?

I have hard wood floors in my kitchen, entry way and ‘library’. We call it a library because it houses many of our books. It was originally intended to be a formal dining room. I know! If you have ever met me I’m not the formal type. That is not to say I can’t be formal, I can. If the occasion calls for it, I can be as formal as required. Under all this nitty-gritty is a lady that appears every so often…and I digress…writing does that a person…

I have wood floors is what I was saying and they require special attention. Meaning only water is used with a dry mop to clean them. Nothing else. Ever. No way, no how. Just water. I spritz the floor then use my terry cloth mop to wipe it right back off. Water is death to a wood floor so a little goes a long way. Chemicals are even worse. How can you get worse than death? I’m not sure since I’ve never been dead or worse. I just know chemicals will suck that shine off in about two washes. Water only please…and I digress again…that is twice in one post!…ok summer vs. winter…

So do you like mopping in winter? I do. It keeps me warm and the floors seem to not get quite as dirty in winter. The doors and windows are closed so the dust can’t get in quite as easily. On the other hand, the floors take longer to dry. This means the kitchen is ‘closed’ longer and with two growing kidlets that is sheer torture. Mud can be an issue, no dust from heat but there is the occasional tracking in of mud. Be off of boots, gear or paws, mud makes its way in and sometimes it’s too thick for a terry mop. I have to use a towel, then mop. A double clean.

Then there is summer, do you like mopping in summer? I do. The floor dries in a heartbeat! By the time I am done with the second area the first is completely dry! The kitchen is pretty much open the entire time. As long as you ask which path to use, you can pop in and grab a snack. On the other hand, the doors and windows allow so much more dust to enter that mopping must be done more often. In the heat. I like to be warm, I don’t like to be oober hot. Mopping in 96 degree heat can be hawt hot indeed! On that one day a year.

Funny, I guess I like mopping in any season. Just not in 96 degree heat. On that day, during that weather I prolly won’t be mopping so wear flip-flops if you come to visit. Unless you like the feel of dusty toes that is.


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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