I can’t belive I did what I did!

Today was a normal day.

Read: busy

Things did not quite go as planned. But they certainly went.

I came home from work with a plan. Change into grubbies and head out to weed for a bit. Go pick up the kids, get home and clean the house. I had some extra cleaning to do, that stuff that piles up. Like why does the toothbrush holder always get so icky even when we rinse our toothbrushes? I’m serious what the heck IS in toothpaste?? I digress…clean up that kind of stuff. Then make dinner and so on.

That is not how it went. I came home and put away my lunch bag…I must pause here now for the sanity of my Sister. Because I love her so much!

If you are my sister Sherie STOP READING NOW. Really you need to stop reading this now. You will not want to read any further. Really you do not need to know any more about my day. Check out a different post I’ve written.

As I was putting away my dishes upon the counter was a site you really don’t want to see. On the plate of leftovers from this mornings omelet was millions tons of ants! Those little black sugar ants. Apparently they also enjoy a delicious omelet. The counter had two steady lines of ants, one coming, one going. I followed the going line. I discovered their point of entry.

Then I got mean. And a little heart-broken. We’ve had a problem with these little guys for a few years now. They like my cooking, I’m not a great instantaneous cleaner. You get the picture. I’ve done the environmental methods. Open food is stored in glass or plastic containers with tight sealing lids. I’ve tried using yeast methods to kill the queen. Apparently ants can not digest yeast and they blow up so when the queen is fed it, voila! end of colony. She is obviously not very hungry. I’ve used cayenne pepper and chili oil to block their entrance. This works, but they don’t die, they just find a new path in. You also have to be vigilant in re-peppering every season. This time, I had to get mean.

I used…

Oh here goes my ‘greenie’ license…

I’m gonna be kicked out of Bugs R Us…

Tree huggers are gonna turn their backs on me…

I caved…

I used…

Raid Ant Spray.

All over the counter. Their entry/exit hole. Under the sink where I found other ants roaming.

My house smells sickeningly poisonous.

My belly turns every time I walk into the front room.

We have the windows and sliding door open wide.

Poison. I used it.

Gah! To have to come to this point. But it did. I mean you I just can’t have millions hundreds of ants in your kitchen. You just can’t.

I’m so sorry Greenie Friends. I’m so sorry to the ants too. I wish you had just got the message when I cayenned your pathways. You can’t live on my counters. You have 2 acres+ surrounding my house. I KNOW there is food out there for you. I KNOW you can live in them there woods and be just fine. Why did you ever leave those woods anyway? My siding is so not the same as a nice snag.

Move back out to them there wooded areas. Or I’ll have to keep on killing you.

Wait did I just threaten a tiny little ant colony?

I think I did.

A new low?


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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2 Responses to I can’t belive I did what I did!

  1. Michelle W says:

    It’s OK Sheila! We have all been there. For us, it is those nasty carpenter ANTS. I am a genteel person who doesn’t like to kill anything, but those, I do.
    We use Diatamacious Earth and spread it around the perimeter of our house. It works alright, but I swear they are getting immune to it.
    I wish you luck and that you never have to do that again!

  2. Oh Sheila.

    You crack me up!!! Bless your heart 🙂

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