Am I ready for this? Is he ready for this? Is the Daddy ready for this?

I think I can honestly and confidently say: Yes! We are ready!

It’s time for G.H.D.: Growth and Human Development.

Still don’t know what G.H.D. is? It’s the new terminology for Sex Education.

Yup. The time has come. Let the birds talk about the bees and the bees talk about the birds. Because you need to know, to understand and gain this knowledge to be a functioning human being.

Today was Day One of G.H.D. The boys went to one room and the girls went to another and the movie began. (Oy vey, it’s the same movie that we had growing up. That alone is pretty scary! heeheee). My son actually came right off the bus wanting to discuss it! No embarrassment, no shame (whew!), just chat about what he learned. Tell me about the exciting changes that are happening and what is going to happen next.

So relieved! We’ve been preparing him for this day for about a year now. At first, he was extremely resistant to the smallest thought on this topic. It took time, patience, love and more patience to get him to be ‘comfy’ with this subject. We opened the doors, asked open-ended questions. We let him know he can ask us Anything about Anything and it won’t be ‘wrong’ or a ‘no-no’. Both Grant and I believe if they’re asking, they’re ready!

We let him know that curiosity is a good thing and everything he is thinking about, feeling or changing is normal. He is not weird or gross, just growing. But we didn’t push it. We brought it up occasionally, then let it go away again. We waited until he was ready, yet still kept it on the table. We understood he was gonna need some extra time to reach that level of comfort. We let him know that everything that’s happening just means he’s growing up. And we let him know that we’re here for him anytime, day or night, for any question that he has. Any change he can’t comprehend. We are here to help him through and to understand the craziness that is puberty.

Yup. The bees have arrived. Tomorrow is Day 2 and he’s totally cool with going back to watch another movie and gain more knowledge on this stuff.

It’s not all roses though. He is not thrilled to know he will experience growth spurts and there will be pain with them. It is also kinda freaking him out, but in a cool way like Grossology, that he might grown four inches in three months time! He thinks it’s cool to grow so much in so little and eat the entire time. But he is not diggin the pain. That he could skip. Just ‘eat and grow without the pain’ he says. He is kinda looking forward to ‘eating all the time’.

I feel for ya buddy. I wish I could stop that pain part too. But we’ll do everything we can to ease as much of it as we can. I promise. And just so you know, you’re gonna make it!


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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