Mac N Chz-Sheila Style!

My kids love macaroni and cheese. It is one of their most favorite meals-depending on how one makes it…

Sure they like the box stuff. Both kinds. The one in the blue box and the organic kind in the pink. Those box macaronies are great in a pinch, quick, easy and filling, but their most favorite is My Style Mac N Chz!

They ask me for my style mac n chz all. the. time. If I would allow it, they would eat it multiple times every week. I don’t, it’s not the healthiest of dinners. It is doused in cheese after all. Yummy, cheesy goodness!

Tonite, they won. I made my style for them. On the condition they grate the cheese. Grating is the hardest part in my recipe the rest is cake even simpler! It almost worked, they grated about half of what was needed, then I had to take over. On the plus side, Big K understands it is easier to move the cheese, not the grater when grating cheese…heeheehee.

I would like to share my recipe with you. It’s so fast, so easy, so yummy. You won’t believe it. Hey, it just might even become a repeat dinner in your house too…

Sheila’s Style Mac n Chz

~Spray the bottom and sides of a pan with grease or rub butter all around. (Butter tastes better, but calories have value.) (Did you get that? Calories have value…I crack myself up sometimes!)
~Pre-heat, (or don’t it doesn’t matter in this case. If you forgot to pre-heat just put the dish in and turn on the oven anyway. It works), oven to 350 degrees.
~Pour a thin layer of un-cooked noodles onto bottom of pan. Any noodles work: elbow, shells, rotini…use your favorite!
~Sprinkle a little salt over un-cooked noodles.
~Sprinkle on a healthy layer of grated cheese. We use cheddar, but you can mix it up if you like. Really though, cover them there noodles, you should see mostly cheese at this layer.
~Dab butter over cheese. About 5 bits the size of about 1/2 tsp chunks. (you can see I’m very precise with this recipe)
~Repeat layers: noodles, salt, cheese, butter-until pan is full. (usually I can only fit in two complete layers)
~Pour in milk until pan is half full. If you’re using a glass pan, it should look a little like this:

About half way up.

~Pop in oven (hot or not) and cook for 30-40 minutes. You want the top to be lovely golden brown.
~Serve and eat it up!

Mmm...look at the crunchy top! We love the crunch!

If you are a chef-type this recipe might drive you batty due to the lack of measurements. I understand, really I do. I am a chef-type for some recipes. I mean if you want really good meringue, you must follow that recipe to the “T” and pick a not-so-wet day. I know, I am mastering meringue in a wonderful ways through lots of practice.

I am also a non-chef-type cook too. I can walk in the kitchen and grab some of this, a little of that and make something spectacular edible and yummy too.

For this mac n chz, I use the some of this, a little of that method. How easy is this!?! No pre-cooking noodles for extra pots to wash, no measuring just go by how it’s looking, no worries if you forget to pre-heat it still comes out just fine! This is one of my quickest dinners. Pair it with salad or other veggie, some garlic bread and voila a complete meal!

Now don’t freak out my health conscious friends. It is possible to bring up the nutrition value and your kids won’t even know it! Try these:

~Use organic vegetable noodles. That is what I used tonite which is why you see purple, green and other colors that are not usually in a mac n chz dish.

~Eliminate the salt on one layer. Only put it on the top. But don’t skip it all together, it just doesn’t taste right. If you must eliminate the salt be sure to add a spice like pepper or Mrs. Dash. Without ‘something’, you can tell ‘something’ is missing.

~Use organic, skim milk. We use 1% because we buy it at Costco (the cost for organic moo is better there in our area. I know, I’ve checked and re-checked. But if you know another place, share with me please!) There is enough fat in the cheese to cover the skim-ness of skim moo.

~Use lower fat cheese. But be sure to up your butter. This dish NEEDS some fat. Otherwise it won’t ‘blend’ well.

~Eat smaller portions…wait…what? That is nearly impossible! Who am I kidding? The yummy deliciousness of this means you’ll probably not only eat more than a half cup (that is one serving of pasta) but you’ll go back for seconds!

Now if you’ll excuse me, the aroma of that crunchy, cheesy goodness is calling my name…and if I don’t hurry my family just might eat it all up before I get there…



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