Processing of a Quote

I am home. At last. It feels…well…honestly…like work. There are things to be cleaned, meals to make, children to pre-prep for school, laundry to be done, the corners that have needed to be cleaned still need to be cleaned. Yup that is home. Kinda makes me want to go away again so the cleaning, organizing and cooking fairies have a bit more time to find my house…

No? Not gonna happen? Bummer. Oh well. I can do this its not all bad.

The brite side is my family is also there. They are wonderful, awesome and full of love. There is much love for me to give to them as well. I think I hugged my girl for 10 minutes straight this morning when I, at last, got to hold her in my arms this morning. I had equal time for my son, but he had other ideas. Hugging for 10 minutes including kiss-a-roos is not his style anymore. But he did ‘let’ me give him a giant bear hug so that works too!

My mind is still on shut down mode. O V E R L O A D. Big time overload. I have gained so much new information that yesterday it literally shut down. I know I had a conversation with the Pastor in the afternoon, but I can only remember that I forgot to ask about that thing downstairs. Ok I do remember some of the convo, but even that is filed away under “process later”.

So much was gleaned, so much was gained. I have lots to think on, ponder, process. Then implement. That is the key. I must DO, not just be. WOW.

Yup that stopped my mind again. The old girl just ain’t like she used to be. Needs breaks and rests. Littler chunks, smaller bites.

So since I can’t focus and can’t possibly write a blog today, but I have to due to the challenge that I have not yet failed, I’ll just go with a quote from my son.

“I am making this water balloon make water sounds.”

Then his laughter.

I like his mind and how it works.


I love it!

Make that water balloon make it’s water noises and laugh at what you discover. That is where I hope to be in a few months time after I have processed this weekends information-laughing with the joy of discovery.



About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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