That worked!

Yesterday I took both kidlets to the dentist for their regular checkups. I’m happy to say-NO Cavities-YES! All looks good and they are on track. Sure we need to be better brushers, but isn’t that par for the course?

On the way there, L’il k was talking about her loose tooth. It’s been loose awhile now and she was hoping the dentist was going to pull it outta there for her. She had been pulling, twisting and wiggling it all day long. She even ate an apple because another girl at school bit into one and it pulled out her loose tooth. But that was not the case for L’il k. Turns out the dentist did not pull her tooth for her either.

On the way home, she was talking about asking Daddy to pull it instead. Once before, on her very first loose tooth, Daddy performed a miracle and took out her tooth. It was her first one and she was scared, worried and wouldn’t let anyone help her. No one was allowed to touch her tooth or brush her teeth or come near her mouth. She was afraid it was going to hurt. That tooth was barely hanging on! She could push it all directions, twist it entirely around, back, up down and sideways, but no one was allowed to pull it for her. She would cry and cry because it just wouldn’t come out.

Enter the Amazing Daddy. He talked to her about it. Convinced her to lay on the couch with her head in my lap, just so he could peek at it. She let him. He peeked. Then he asked if he could just touch it, ever so lightly and softly. She said yes. So he reached in and pulled it right off, all the while chatting away with her about the looseness of teeth. Then he asked her if he could pull it for her. She immediately cried and said no, it’s gonna hurt. He lifted her tooth before the tears blurred her vision and didn’t say word. She stopped crying, started smiling and said is that my tooth?

Like magic he took that out without any pain or anything! Now she thinks he is the best tooth puller in the world. So she made plans to have him pull this latest one.

But the night was too full. Too busy. No time to pull any teeth. This morning as she is brushing her teeth, while talking, (that girl is a talky talker!), she bumped it with her tooth-brush and voila!, out it fell.

She laughed and laughed! A toothbrush did it! Now that worked!

Tonite the Amazing Daddy will have to help the Tooth Fairy do her job, L’il k is ready for her surprise!


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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