Husbands are…







…wonderfully annoying

and I love them!

Wait, I should explain that a bit…

I love my husband. I love that you have a husband. I don’t love your husband.

Wait…it’s not that I don’t love your husband, he is great, wonderful and perfect!-for you. What I am saying is, I am not IN love with your husband. Really, one husband to love is enough!

And I love my husband.

My husband stepped right on up to the plate today. I had a crazy, fun, busy day. It was a get up and go type of day. No rest, no stopping. Go, go, go.

First day back from Spring Break so it was get the kids up and off to school, head to work for my new hours (so happy!!!), then head back to kids school to pick them up early. Quickly NOT rush home, (I got a speeding ticket back in August of 2010 so I’s got to be good now), but rush home. Grab grocery list that was forgotten in the morning, let the kids grab a snack, let the dog out to do her business then get the dog back in the house and kids back in the car. Rush in non-rushing fashion to the kids dentist appointments. Thankfully I have a dentist that can schedule both kids at the same time-life saver! Then off to the grocery store. Buy groceries, fight off kid’s fights. Fights with each other or with me over why we are not buying crackers. Head home to pick up Hubby from the ferry-his scooter is broken so either he walks or I pick him up.

Picking up Hubby and put away groceries is the last thing on my “To-Do” list for the day. While driving home I start thinking of all the me time. Cos when those groceries are put away, we have about 15 minutes of chores then it’s “Me Time!” Woohoo. I think I’ll go for a run, then watch The Amazing Race with the kids…got to bed early…

…oops…on the way home I realize, at 6:21, still 15 minutes from the house that ohno,ohno,ohno-I have a meeting at 6:30! Or is it at 7?! Either way I gotta move in a rush-non-rushing way! Yikes! Totally gonna be late for it and now I have to dump the kids, chores and groceries on the Hubby. Gah! not the plan! No me time tonite.

We get home and Hubby is already home because we have awesome neighbors who gave him a ride. But I am still late for my meeting. So I give the Hubby the 5 minutes run down of all that must be finished this evening: youngest is still hungry, needs more dinner. Oldest needs to feed the dog and do homework. Show where homework is. Groceries need to be put away and both kids are supposed to help. Dishes and these chores need to get done. I gotta go, I’m late for a meeting. I love you. L’il k kiss me cos you’ll be in bed when I get home. BYE….and out the door I go. Not-rushing to the meeting that I am currently 10 minutes late for.

What does the Hubby do? He says ok, I got it. He smiles and says see ya later.

Yup. Days like this he steps up, no gripes, no groans. Just does. He is awesome like that. I love him for that.

It even almost makes up for all those times he doesn’t.


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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