Shopping with My Mom

I love my Mom. I love shopping. What could be better than spending the day with both?

An added bonus to sweeten the deal we found there were sales! Lots of sales! Excellent sales!!!

We had a great day!

Started with lunch at Olive Garden. How can you beat the $6.95 all you can eat soup and salad lunch? We ate some yummy soup and delicious salad, and don’t forget those bread sticks. I think I could eat just the bread sticks for lunch alone, but gotta be ‘healthy’ right…

Then we headed to the mall. We shopped and shopped and shopped. We didn’t spend much yet we saved a ton! Got some cute blouses and some necessities all in my budget! Well I went over by $13, but I just couldn’t resist those two really, really, really cute blouses that I found at the other clearance rack. Yes two of them for $13 at Macy’s! I totally bought them! They look great on, they are perfect for work or dancing and they feel superb! Had to, so I did.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble after a stop at the pretzel place. Mmmm…pretzel. Actually I didn’t eat any, after trying on clothes your body shape is kinda heightened and it gets easier to say no to pretzels. No matter how warm, soft and buttery they are. I said no. Politely, but still no. I did have a beverage which probably equaled the caloric value of the butter on the pretzel. Oh well, I WAS really thirsty!

Into Barnes and Noble just for one magazine. I have a subscription to this magazine but when my latest issue arrive, it was just a cover. Only a cover. Nothing more. It was labeled: “May have been damaged in transport.” Ummm, yeah. The post office said they don’t keep the other halves of destroyed mail so, no they didn’t have the rest of the magazine. I looked at him and said, well I sure read this one a whole lot quicker. He laughed, relieved at first, then a hearty chuckle. I think he was just glad I didn’t go all postal on him. I totally wouldn’t, but I supposed one can never be sure. So anywho, I needed to replace my issue. The cover said “Crock pot recipes”, how could I miss out on that??? To my luck Barns and Noble did have my issue of Kiwi magazine. Whew! I was thinking they wouldn’t because it’s not a mainstream mag yet. I hope it becomes one cos it’s awesome!, but I wasn’t sure. They did though and I got it. So happy!

Then it was off to Indigo Plum. Oh how I heart Indigo Plum. It’s eye candy for the soul and heaven for the footsies! I didn’t buy anything or even go in. I had spent my limit and besides I was dog sitting Sierra, my Mom’s pooch who had been super patient with us all day long. She needed to get out for her shopping too. I stayed outside and let her wander up and down the sidewalk with me while Mom tried to find some shoes.

Off to the Sport Haus to look there. I heart Sport Haus as well! I looked at all kinds of lovely shoes and purses and clothes that some day will adorn my being. But as I said before, my limit was reached -slightly breached- so I didn’t buy a thing. Just some eye candy.

After that stores started closing. What?! Closing? That is crazy! But it’s true, the stores close.

*collective in-hale*

Closing, closed.

So we went to Red Box and grabbed a movie then headed home.

Today was one of the most perfect days I’ve had in a long, long time. It was wonderful! Two things that you love blended together equals perfection.

I love you Mom! Thanks for an awesome day!


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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