I am in a movie-or so I’m told

Today a friend took my daughter to see Tangled at the library. They all had a wonderful time and I got errands done, we certainly call that a win-win!

I picked up my daughter and on the way home she told me all about the movie. The names, nicknames, plot, funny parts and then she said: “There was this girl in the movie that cast a spell on Rapunzel to make her younger (not Rapunzel the woman) and she looked just like you!” Naturally I had to do some Googling when I got home. I myself have not yet seen the movie. I’m hoping they show it at our local cinema this summer as part of their free-movie week!!! But I needed to know what character my daughter thinks looks like me.

So I did some googling and at first I only came up with Rapunzel herself and Flynn, whom she calls Flint. Now I know she didn’t think I was Flint, he’s a guy and she clearly said ‘woman’. Of course not Rapunzel, she is a blonde w/ straight hair. I am a brunette with the curliest of hair. This was not working. Then I googled ‘character names’. That totally worked! I found Mother Gothel and I totally see the resemblance:

Then I cringed. I mean look at the meaness-ouch!

Then I remembered she said she was a “beautiful woman” so I kept looking and found this:

Now that is more like it. Sure I’m the villainess, but at least I’m beautiful and SKINNY! After I cast a spell on Rapunzel and lock her away in a tower in the middle of no where…yay me! Wait, she said I only looked like the character, not act like or sound like or be like. Just ‘look’, and the woman was “beautiful”. My daughter thinks I’m beautiful. Cool! I can deal with that after all. As long as it’s the second picture and not the first…


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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