A New Saga Begins

Tonite L’il k began the continuation of a war.

What war you ask? I’ll tell you a story. It began with a little brother named Grant, a big sister named Bev and a single pea.

One night, long ago, at an ordinary dinner, Bev sneakily slipped a single pea into Grant’s milk. Grant did not see his sister do this, dinner went on as normal. When Grant got to the bottom of his glass of milk he discovered that little pea and learned his sister put it there without his knowledge. Thus began the Pea Wars.

Over the years Bev continued on occasion to secretly drop a pea into Grant’s milk and he never knew until that last sip of milk. Bev became a master at the Pea Wars. Not doing it every meal so it became expected, not doing it too far in-between that it was forgotten. Each time surprising Grant when he finished his milk and found a pea in his glass.

As a matter of fact I happen to know that on the eve of Grant’s wedding, during the rehearsal dinner, she got him again. She is good…real good. She ordered him a bowl of peas to go with his dinner but did this after his dinner arrived. This way it was a funny joke. This alone should have clued him in, but it did not. As she walked by his table, she quickly, precisely pinched one single pea and dropped it into his milk without so much as a ‘plop’ to be heard. He never saw even though he was right there.

Tonite L’il k has continued the tradition of the Pea War. She has begun a new battlefield by dropping a single pea into her Big Brothers glass of milk. He did not discover this until his last sip of milk. Success. The war has begun on a new battlefield, with new players, but the game is the same. Big K tried to return fire and sent L’il k on an errand then put a pea into her milk, but he made a fatal error. She finished her dinner but not her milk. He told her to drink her milk. Not to waste it, drink it. She looked at him and said flat out: because there is a pea in it??? Caught, not red-handed, but caught!

I know both of these stories to be true because I was there on both occassion. At the dinner, I was the bride-to-be. Tonite I was there for the first battle because I am the mother of the new players.

I am certain that there will be more battles. There will covert operations. There will be successes and failures and with it all, I can’t wait to see the battles to come!

Let the Pea Wars continue!


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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