Things we never have to outgrow.

Everyone grows older and some even grow up. not me! It’s one of those things you can’t stop. Growing older, it’s gonna happen. Better to embrace it than ignore it. Right?

Thankfully there are things that we never have to outgrow. I, a list-lover, have made a small list of things I never will outgrow. I hope we share a few and you have some of your own!

~ Naps. So good for anyone, at any age. Toddlers require them, adults secretly or not so secretly crave them and elders have them unashamed. I can’t wait to be an elder. I’ll be that little ol lady in the rocker dreaming of ponies, chocolate and dragons…in a field that never ends until it reaches the ocean. Not chocolate ponies eating dragons unless the meds assist in that…Oh sorry, I digress.

~ Chocolate. Do I really need to elaborate that one?

~ Friends. True, friends may come and go with the seasons of life, but they are there. One or many, friends are a wonderful thing that we never have to outgrow.

~ Children. You will never outgrow your child. They may outgrow you and if they do, then give yourself a ginormous pat on the back because you did your job well. Then sit back and enjoy watching them as they lead their life and discover their own list of things they will never outgrow.

~ Truth. Always the best answer and one we should never outgrow.

~ Love. Ahh…the most wonderful thing. It surrounds us, supports us, helps us, holds us and best of all we get to return it to others.

~ Flowers. Inside as cut bouquets or outside in the gardens. Flowers are a joy to eye and playground for the senses.

~ Laughter. It can be light, it can be hearty. As long as it is. Not in all seasons, but I hope laughter is in many of your seasons and mine.

~ S’mores. Mmm…who can resist that sugary, gooey, graham crackery chocolatey, toasted over an open fire goodness? Sure some folks don’t like them, but that just leaves more for those of us who do.

There are more things we never outgrow, too many to list in any one blog. Someone could write a book on it. Maybe someone already has. All I know is it’s nice to know some things will journey through this life with me, and it makes me smile.


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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