Hair Cut

My son is the best son in the world! I wouldn’t trade him for cotton candy or Girl Scout Cookies. Not even chocolate or Robin Eggs. He is the best. I love everything about him! I love him with all my heart!

He has a down side though, the ability to take care of his hair. He has the most gorgeous hair! It’s long, thick and lush. Girls would die to have his hair, but don’t tell him that. When it comes to girls they may not have cooties anymore, but they are annoying. So we’ll have to keep that our little secret. Thanks!

The problem with long hair? It tangles. That makes it harder and more painful for the comb or brush to get through. I know, believe me I know. Have you seen my hair? It’s a curly mess wonder. So. I. Know. What happens when you don’t get that comb through anyway? Dreadlocks. It means dreadlocks. The comb through is a MUST with our hair. I’m pretty sure he got his hair from me, just not curly.

However, that is the problem-thick, lush hair. For him one tangle means no more combing. Can’t get it through so why keep trying. He chose this for a few weeks, every couple a weeks for the past year or so. I would comb it out for him using a gallon lot of de-tangler and cream rinse, but it was always painful and very time-consuming. He always went back to the dreads as soon as one tiny tangle appeared.

His hair was a mess. It got to the point of no return. Ok that is a bit strong, with half a day enough time and buckets of de-tangler we coulda done it. It would not have been pretty. We talked about option B: cutting it.


We like long hair here. It looks good, it feels good. It just requires maintenance. Lots of maintenance.

He thought it over for a few more days and decided to cut it off. Start over. Start fresh. Grow it out long but keep it maintained.

Today we did it. We turned this:

Into this:


Is now this:

Either way I love it! Both styles look really good on him. I admit I’ll miss those locks, but it’s nice seeing his eyes, which are gorgeous! Oops, temporary girl slip there…

How does he like it? He doesn’t. He is going to start growing long again right away! Good thing, that is happening already and it’ll be long again before he knows it. Yeah, that didn’t work on him either. He said, “It took me two years to grow it that long. This is gonna take a long time!”

True. But my hope is that he will learn to keep it combed this time…


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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One Response to Hair Cut

  1. Tanya says:

    This time there is more man face there! Last time he went back to little boy face, this time…that little boy face is not there, he’s growing up!

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