Fat Tuesday Parade!

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! Information I usually am not aware of, but this year I am because Stillwaters Environmental Center has entered a contest. Not just any contest, a Fat Tuesday Parade and Mardi Gras contest! It’s going to be at our very own Clearwater Casino and it’s gonna be awesome!!! Is that too many exclamation points???? What can I say, I’m just excited for this!

We have spent some time over the past two weeks putting together a float. It was the first time any of us have built an actual working, moving, exciting float. There were some learning curves but the result turned out amazing! We checked and double checked the requirements and restrictions, came up with a great idea and we had a great team. The words of Bob the Builder come to mind: Can we build it? Yes we can!

So we did. Sandra, Kari, Kim, Jolene, Naomi, Greg and I built a float!

Then came delivery to the casino for display. That is another story, but suffice it to say the dimensions for next years entrants are going to be ‘slimmed’ -just a smidge. After a few hours, thoughts and attempts the float finally made it through the doors and onto the casino floor. It’s there right now and you can swing by and check it out!

A perfect, and might I say the best!, time to check it out is tomorrow night, March 8. That will be the parade! At 7 p.m. right through the casino itself! Our float and all the other entries will make their way around the casino in the Mardi Gras Parade! It’s going to be a blast! Kari, I and others (I think) are dressing up and ambassadorial-ing our float through the parade. Who doesn’t want to be in a parade? You know I do! How fun is that!?!

Voting is open now until tomorrow night and 10% of the winning total is up to your votes. So I’m asking you to head on over and make your vote count. Stillwaters has many projects that need funding. Winning this contest would make a huge dent in funding some of them! Come out to Clearwater Casino and vote for us!

Here is a sneak preview of our float, which we are calling: “Mardi Gras in the Woods”. These are not the best photos but they’ll have to do until you can get there and see it in person. Which of course you’re doing soon…right…

[Photo Credit: Naomi Maasberg]


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