In our school district all the kids are part of the Accelerated Reader program. It’s a wonderful way to better your reading skills and it’s fun to boot!

The books in the library all have A. R. numbers on them. You find a book within your level on any subject or story that interests you, read the book then take the quiz. Quizzes are available on all the school computers, range in 1-5 or 1-10 questions and are multiple choice. It’s quick, simple and works!

The more you read, the better your skills become. The better your skills the higher the A.R. level you can test in. If you want to read something outside of your A. R. level you can, reading is never discouraged. The students are given about three months to reach their personal A. R. goal. This gives them plenty of time to do just that. Most of the students reach their goal in about two months. This way they are not pressured to only read A. R. books, but can get some other reading in too. We want them to read for themselves, not just for a goal. The whole point is to help them fall in love with reading as well as reach a goal to increase their skills.

I love the A. R. program! I’ve had the chance to watch students and my own children participate in it for five years now. I’ve seen excellent benefits! I’m a very avid reader myself. Now I have two avid readers of my own. It’s a win-win!


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