Stillwaters Auction

Last night was awesome fun! We went to the Stillwaters Annual Auction at the Suquamish House of Awakened Culture.

I walked in and it was BEAUTIFUL! I mean really just beautiful. I think it might be the best looking auction we’ve pulled off to date! The House of Awakened Culture is gorgeous in its own right. A traditional style Long House with some modern upgrades-superb! Add in our team of decorators and the mix was splendid!

I would love to show you some photos. I really would. I forgot my camera at home. At home-gah. I was so disappointed in myself…but what’s a girl to do. I can’t have everything my way all the time. or can I? So you’ll just have to trust me on the beauty of it all. It was just beautiful, belive me. I can show this one that we used on the promos. It’s a beautiful art sculpture that was made by Tech Weld in Kingston:

We had fun too! So many items to bid on, so many things to do! This year we tested a Cake Walk as part of the auction. Just a little something to mix it up a bit, have some fun, get into your groove. They did get into grooves alright. A few that surprised some of us! Who knew that playing The Stripper would loosen up so many folks…oh wait, that is the point isn’t it…Anywho…let’s talk food.

It was delicious! Yummy! So much in fact that we almost ran out-yikes! H’ors d’oeuvres, that were scrumptious! Teriyaki chicken, fresh veggies, cheese and crackers that were not just cheddar and Wheat Thins but the smoothest cheese I’ve ever had, desserts and so many more little nibbles. Let’s talk more about those crackers-oh yum! I am a carb-o-holic and these little crackers I’ve never met before, but we shall meet again. Oh yes. That is a promise! Dark squares with sesame seeds, toasted to perfection and a hint of sea salt. Slip on a slice of the cheese and I was in heaven! Excuse me, I need to dry my lap top…I hear salivating over the key board is bad for it.

Of course there was bidding too. I had my bidder number and I won a few things, but lost a whole lot more. Now that I think about it, that is probably a good thing. Well not for Stillwaters, but for my pocket-book. Stillwaters is a terrific organization that does so much our community and the local schools I love supporting them! I just got too busy to watch my bids and the distractions helped someone else to be the winner.

My winnings included a four set of Re-Usies sandwich bags. No idea what they are? Check out the link-they are wonderful, reusable, cute sacks for your lunches. I love them! Oh-and they are local-gotta love that too! Then there was this cute little stuffed toy. A puppy in a mini-tote bag. Price, $3. No one had bid on it. So I did and I won it for $3. What will I do with that I wonder? Oh yes, give it to my daughter, she loves stuffed toys. Especially when they come in their own mini-totes.

Then I wondered how will my son feel if I don’t win him anything? So I finally bought him the Stillwaters t-shirt he has been asking for. I like to keep it as even as I can between the two of them. Choose your battles and all…

After the last bidding, the crowd headed out and we had the entire place cleaned and packed up in about an hour! That is a record for us! We were home by 8:40! Perfect! The sitter got to leave, we ate a late dinner and saw the kidlets before we all fell asleep for the night.

This Stillwaters Auction was one of the best ever! So glad we went! I just wish I had remembered my camera to share some of it with you. Next year I will.


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