Frying an egg is easy…unless it’s your first time.

This morning I told L’il k to make her own breakfast, thinking that she would grab a bowl of cereal. Grandma just took her to the grocery to shop for any cereal she wanted. She chose S’Mores cereal. A rare treat as I have never bought that particular one before. I figured she’ll make a bowl of that. I was wrong. She wanted eggs.

Eggs? Do I have time to make them? I have to finish getting ready for work, get Big K up and in a shower, make lunches, check to make sure the animals have been fed, eat a breakfast myself…and so on. Is there time to cook an egg? Yes. But I think it’s time she learned how on her own.

At the quilt show Grandma bought her one of those tiny little skillets with the chicken on the handle. Single egg size pans, L’il k fell in love with it! Her very own egg pan! She wanted to use that one. It needed to be washed.

This was not what L’il k wanted to be a part of. To wash something you have to get your hands wet and use the scrubbie thingy with soap-ewww. This from my little mud pie maker extraordinaire! She is the one who doesn’t mind the dirt ever, but apparently soapy water she has an aversion to…go figure. I made her wash it anyway.

Finally that was done, and now she could get on with the fun part!

We went through the steps together. She learned how to turn on the stove and wait for her pan to heat up then add a bit of butter. All was going very well, until it came time to crack the egg. Hesitation…delay…small beggings of “mom you do this part”. I held firm and told her to just do it before the butter browns. To which she countered, “what if I get egg-shell in my egg?” A valid point to be sure, to which I solved, “then you pull it out and keep cooking, but you won’t get any in there. You’re butter is browning…”

She tapped the egg on the counter. She tapped it again. Then tried to pour it into the pan. The shell was only barely cracked so I had to let her know to give it a bit more oomph, a harder hit than just a tap.

Her butter was completely brown by this point. But I didn’t want to stop her she was on a roll. Maybe she’d like browned butter eggs. Nothing wrong with brown butter, some recipes call for it.

At last she hit it hard enough on the counter to give it a good crack that didn’t open the shell and spill the contents. The egg was in the pan!

As it’s frying, she says, “it’s only cooking on one side and the other isn’t cooking at all.” I let her know she still needed to flip it. “Oh yeah.” giggle, giggle, she said. Then she made her first flip. The excitement of it all! The egg is flipped and she says: “Uh-oh, it only flipped in half and now it’s folded.” Doom! The end! I let her know it was ok and it will still cook. -You never knew frying an egg had so much drama did you?-

When she decided it looked done enough she went to put it on the plate, but didn’t know how. L’il k now thinks that sliding an egg right out of the pan onto a plate is one of the coolest things in the world!

She sat down to eat her very first ‘Fried All By Myself’ egg.

Took one bite and said, “Why does this one taste funny? And it’s very brown.”

I explained that was the butter. The butter over-cooked and turned brown. She needed to crack the egg quicker next time before the butter browns like that. I looked at her sweet little face and I knew, that eggs do not particularly taste good in browned butter. I said, “Would you like to try again and make a new one?”

“YES! I think I’ll make another one” and then she giggled.

The second attempt went much better and was successful! No browned butter, no taking too long to crack the egg. Flipping went perfectly and sliding the egg onto the plate was just as much fun as the first time around.

Sitting at the table with her new breakfast she says, “This one looks better. Yeah, this one looks really better compared to the other one. This one’s puffy!” She’s right, this egg looks delicious!

She sat down to her perfect breakfast and took her bite. Smiled, and said, “This is the best egg ever!”

She ate her breakfast and thought through the process of frying an egg. We chatted about it and then she had an epiphany and said excitedly, “I actually made it ALL! I actually DID it all! I washed it AND cooked it! All by myself!”

I am hoping all this means that Mother’s Day breakfast in bed will be something warm and yummy this year.


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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