Mind Flex

My son got this game for his birthday, it’s called Mind Flex, and it’s trippy.

Not that it trips you, although if you’re not watching where you’re walking it totally could. Just sayin…

Mind Flex is trippy in that you ‘move’ a ball with your mind. Sort of. It’s actually a fan that is moving the ball, but your mind is ‘controlling’ the fan. Your thoughts are turning the fan on and increasing the speed. The faster you spin the fan, the higher the ball goes.

It’s very fascinating to watch. How high can you make the ball fly? When you have mastered that much, you can add extra obstacle courses to the game and try to get the ball to float through tubes and things. It’s really fascinating! Grandma got into it and is thinking about getting one for herself. As the name implies, it’s a good way to ‘flex’ your mind muscles. Here she is concentrating hard on her first attempt:

Here Grandma is getting the hang of it:

Now she is experimenting with the ‘trippy’ factor. What happens if you turn your head?

But it’s trippy. How does it work? I haven’t figured out all that answer yet. You wear a headband that has sensors and then you focus your thoughts on the ball and where you want the ball to be. Then the fan starts up. You have to hold your concentration or the fan stops and the ball falls. Grant is really good at holding his concentration and he can make that ball fly!

Big K is pretty good at this now, he can ‘hold’ the ball high while talking to others or even looking away from the game. He is the master in the house at this time! In the picture he is not only using an obstacle, but he is laughing and the ball is still in the air!

Mind Flex is a fun, fascinating thing to do. It’s kinda addicting and it’s definitely challenging. I myself have not yet tried to play this game. I know there is a way it works, a scientific explanation. I know it’s not of the devil a simple thing. But at this time I haven’t figured it all out yet and until I do, I’m just not comfy using my brain waves to power a fan to lift a ball. That is trippy!


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