Shopping, a Grandma and a Quilt Show

Yesterday was awesome! It was jam-packed full o stuff, but everyone had a great time!

Grandma came down and took L’il k out to lunch and then to the Quilt Show at the fairgrounds. They had a blast! L’il k got to pick lunch, she chose KFC. Then they spent the hours at the quilt show enjoying every minute! L’il k is apparently too cute. She wiled one of those erasable fabric pens from a vendor with her charms of cuteness and big eyes. She is so proud first thing this morning, she showed me an incorrect math problem in INK and then erased the answer. Funny, smart girl that one!

L’il k took along her camera and snapped dozens of photos of her favorite quilts. After the show she and Grandma were hungry so off to Shari’s for dinner-another one of L’il k’s favorite restaurants! Then they headed home and started sewing on the machine with some of the cool fabrics they picked up!

My L’il k is very talented, I can’t sew to save my life. I’ve tried. Well I haven’t tried for my life, cos I wouldn’t be here if that were the case. But I’ve tried sewing with awful results…awful…I can’t even ‘thread’ the machine even though I’ve been shown 300 million times! Really. L’il k can do it all. She’s made a pillow case with no pattern and other various things. Now that Grandma came, our sewing machine is threaded once again and L’il k will have the time of her life creating all sorts of things! Here is her pillow case she made without instructions or help:

While they were off doing that, Big K, Daddy and I did some of our own shopping. Big K lives up to his name-he is big. Growing like a weed! Last week he came home and said there is a hole in my shoe that lets all the water in. He’s had these shoes for about four months. This will be the third pair of sneakers in one year for him. I hear this is only the beginning. Eep!

Friday he put on a pair of pants that not only had a ginormous hole in the knee but also one in an area that is not ok for the pant to be worn ever again. Even if they would have made a great IPod hole like this:

I made him change because he doesn’t need to take his IPod to school, or wear pants with a hole in them there, even if that is a pretty cool idea…

He said I don’t have any other pants. I found him a pair that were residing in “Clean Laundry Mountain”, a place not frequently visited by my son, but we all know it’s location. It’s one of those mountains that changes it’s size and shape all the time but never seems to go away. I have no idea how that happens…

After making our discovery on the ‘Mountain’, Big K told me that he really only owns one pairs of pants without holes and now since we are throwing out the latest hole-y pair, a grand total of three. So lets tally, math is not my strong suit, I need to work it out: 1 pair of hole-y shoes, two pairs of hole-y pants, and three pairs of pants altogether. That all equals ‘need to go shopping’. This is not a frequent occasion. Big K is not really ‘in’ to shopping. Fashion is not his thing. Comfort is. But what must be done, must be done. So the three of us went off to shop.

Fred Meyer was having their big 60% off clearance sale so we headed their way. Found three great pairs of pants! Found L’il k a birthday item for cheap!! But no shoes…none in his size. Well there were these hideous gray ones and if we were beggars they woulda been purchased. But since our job descriptions do not list beggars, we were choosers and said ‘no’. By this time we were tired, it was 8:30. We had to add a few more shopping stops along the way due to a Mardi Gras Float I am helping build and that took up four hours! It was not part of the original plan nor is it really part of this post. I’ll write about it later…suffice it to say, it took more of our time than we had planned for. We stopped for our favorite dinner- salad bar at Round Table Pizza- before even making it to Fred Meyer. At 8:30 we were all too tired to go to another store for shoe shopping. We went home instead.

Three pairs of pants is still a win. Today, after church maybe we’ll all go with Grandma to lunch then find Big K a pair of shoes. What’s the hurry anyway? It’s not like it’s going to rain any time soon…oh wait. Yes it is. We live in Washington. Ok shoes later today is the plan. But yesterday was a fun, full day that was spent in a way that everyone was pleasantly happy!

Those days are the best!


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