Scrap Retreat Day 3

It’s 1:54 in the morning, on Sunday. Technically, it’s day 3 of our scrap retreat with Lisa and the girls on Whidbey Island. So I can upload my blog for Blog 365 Challenge and then get back to scrappin!

I’m on my daughters fourth album. I finished album three yesterday. Am I tired, yes. Oh yes. If there wasn’t a back button or spell check on this you would know it too. But I didn’t come here for sleep, that can happen Monday night. And on the ferry on the way home. But while I’m here I scrap. Eat. Scrap some more. Sleep is secondary and little. But with the help of Barq’s rootbeer, I can do it. I think…you may find mistakes, typos or confusion in this post anyway.

I’ve scrapped an entire year and half worth of photos of my wonderful girl. I am behind. I should be well into a third year of her life. Putting it on paper, but I am not. Not this retreat. I am tired. Did I already mention that?


I am behind because I spent some time watching movies. There is a video screen up here and I love it! But it was distracting…also I spent some time organizing. Something I usually do not allow myself to do on a retreat. But I did some yesterday. Gave a ton of stuff away, because I realized that my baby’s baby years are scrapped. They are done. I won’t be needing any more baby embellishments. Children grow up, not down. So I did some organizing and purging. This is the best place to do that, you can always find someone who wants to use what you are done with.

What else do I do to get so much done in three days? Well I don’t have hard evidence, only theories. Believe me I am not the queen of pages completed. Plenty of others get more done than I do. I only do what I do and try to stick to a plan. Then I dive in and go. I just get working on the project in front of me and do it. I am so far behind on my albums that I don’t allow myself too much luxury of not doing.

I also arrange my area in a certain way that works best for me. Everything has a place and everything in its place if it’s not being used. This is my work area and how I set it up.

The work space on the table has my album in front, cutting mat underneath, pictures to the right, embellishments all around me.

On the floor, both sides of me I have my rolly carts of supplies. Easily accessed.

I have everything within arms reach. I also sort my photos before I arrive, that way I can follow the order they are already in. Keeps it simple.

Hey that is this retreats idea: KISS-Keep It Sweet & Simple.

We all need simple, more than we get. I like simple, I am not too fancy on my pages. Certain ones, yes I take extra time for an extra-special touch, but the others I keep it fun, sweet and simple.

I am so happy I got to be here this year. Whidbey is beautiful, the girls are great fun, my photos are 1 1/2 years closer to being ‘caught up’. A huge thank you to Lisa and the girls for organizing this! I am having a great time!

And now, I must get back to my ‘work’. I am hoping to finish off another year before the sun rises…


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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