My Daughter and her Distraction

I love my girl. She is amazing and awesome and so easily distractable.

It is hard for her to walk the 25 feet from the kitchen to her room without finding something to do along the way. If you tell her to go brush her teeth and there happens to be anything laying on the floor on the way-and I mean anything: a sock, piece of paper, toy or even a dust bunny- she will most likely not make it to the bathroom at all. Rather she’ll stop and play with the item or it will ‘remind’ her of something else that ‘just must be done, now, this minute’. 15 minutes later, her teeth are not brushed. The bathroom never reached.

As a family we are adjusting to this while also trying to teach her to stay on track. It’s very hard for her to do. We use lots of patience and re-direction. Then more patience.

Every day.

Yesterday I had written a note for her teacher. Being that I was going out of town, she needed to go home from school with a friend. To do that you have to write a note with all the details of who is picking her up and your contact info should there be any reason to call. Without said note, the child is not allowed to leave with anyone else. No note, means your going home on your bus. If she went home on the bus, no one would have been there to pick her up. No one. That would be scary on so many levels. This note was so very important.

I handed her the note and said put this in your backpack right now. Make sure you get this to your teacher. Put it in your back pack now and don’t take it out until you get to school. The problem was her backpack was in my bedroom…

Her first stop was her bedroom. Then she came out and went to her backpack. No note. She had ‘lost it or so she wailed said. I told her to look for it. She found it. On her pillow. I repeated to take it directly to her backpack.

In the car on the way to bus stop, I asked her where her note was. She said happily in her backpack, and she knew right where it was, in the front pocket. Yay! She did it!

Or so I was proudly thinking she had.

She got on the bus and as its pulling away she is frantically mouthing words through the window at me. I knew right away what was going on. She couldn’t find the note. It wasn’t actually in the front pocket. My fault for not double checking. The bus driver heard what she was saying and stopped for us. I explained she was being picked up from school because I was leaving and not going to be there after school. She so needed that note. I checked in the car, not there. I did find a piece of paper with a few muddy foot prints on it and borrowed a pen from the bus driver.

In a quick flash, a new note was born. I handed it to the driver, and he made sure to watch her put it directly into her backpack. Then zip it closed. He is so smart. Or he’s aware of her distractability. I’m going with the later, it’s February, all the teachers and bus drivers are aware at this point.

A disaster was avoided and all went well. She got the note to her teacher and went home with the right parent.

Next time, I’ll definitely do a double check before the bus comes.

When I got home, I checked in my bedroom. Sure enough the note was there. Lying on the floor, very near to where her backpack had been. That’s pretty good for her. Close to the correct place is a step in the right direction.

Patience. Grace. Love. And very clean floors are what are needed raising this one.


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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