The Curvy Revolution

Last month my friend, Tanya, and I entered her into a contest. A modeling contest called the Curvy Revolution for Lane Bryant. Winner(s) were flown to Las Vegas and actually got to walk the Cat Walk in a fashion show! An all expenses paid trip for two! Oh how we wanted to win this not just for the trip but for the fashion show! Talk about excitement! Vegas in one happening place, this woulda made it over the top!


We didn’t win. There were many, many entries. The scheduled date for announcing the winner had to be pushed back by two days because the judges had not finished viewing all the entries yet. Finally the results came out and the winners were notified. All three winners had broken at least one of the no-no rules. That is a bit dis-heartening. I mean why make rules if you really don’t care? But we are not focusing on the loss, because that is not what this experience was about. We are focusing on the win that Tanya is! She was amazing! I mean seriously, she was so professional about it. And she looked GOOD! Not just in what she was wearing but her WALK. Never done this before, ever, and she looked natural at it. Ok I’m not a fashion designer nor am I a fashionista so I have no idea what I’m really talking about other than my own opinion. And I KNOW what I like! When I saw her do her ‘walk’ I not only liked it, I loved it! I mean she really did a great job at it. I was impressed! My opinion has been seconded and thirded by two other gals. One even asked if she had training!

We made the film on a cold, cold day this past January because that was the only day open to both our schedules. It was a whopping 37 degrees outside. And we chose to film at a park, on a bluff overlooking the frigid Puget Sound. Because that was the only thing we could think of that would meet all the no-no’s in the rules for the contest. (So many rules!) She wore a thin top, thin pants and heels. Cos you should look good for a modeling job and models suffer for their craft…she suffered. I got to wear my coat and close toed shoes. The only suffering for me was my fingers. Turns out I can’t operate a camera with gloves on.

So we made our entry film. A couple of versions due to folks driving up, driving away or starting their engines in the middle of our film. But certainly there were NO falls that we had to do a re-take on. No, certainly not. Tanya is a pro! (Love you girl!) And in about 30 minutes we had our final take. We checked and reviewed it. We both loved it. We had the one that met the required time limit, met all the other rules, looked good, sounded ‘good’ (it was a cheap camera, had to do what we could with the sound), and was awesome! Back to her place to upload it to You Tube and enter. (Click to watch)

Even though we are not flying to Vegas next weekend, I am so glad we did this. I am thrilled she let me be a part of it. I am so amazed at her talents. And next year, we’ll do it again – Right Tanya?


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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One Response to The Curvy Revolution

  1. Tanya says:

    You’re too kind to me! I see many things that could be improved upon but it means the world to me to have your support and so darn nearly unconditional love! You are such a wonderful person and I owe you so much, thank you for dragging me out on a day I didn’t want to play and making me do this. It was amazing and I feel so empowered that I at least did it. THAT’S what you ALWAYS give to me – such empowerment. 🙂 I love you mucho!

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