Valentine Don’ts for My Son

My son is getting older, growing up but his class is still having a Valentines party anyway.

He never told me that, I had to ask.

Valentines is so not on his radar these days. Girls aren’t on his radar either. (thank you Lord) We’re past the ‘cootie’ stage, but girls are now ‘gross’. And the whole ‘so & so like you’ is completely taboo in his life. He likes none of them ‘that way’ and really would like the girls to return the favor. Unfortunately, the 14th approaches and I have an inkling that his Valentine Box will be quite full…

Last night I finally got that there IS going to be a party in his class on Monday. And yes he needs to bring Valentines. For each person. And yes-they have to be signed by him. This weekend it will be like pulling teeth…luckily I won’t be here. Daddy is gonna have to tackle this one, alone. Bwahahaha…I mean ‘They can do it!’

Since my boy is growing up and is waaay past the stage of making his own Valentines, I asked him if he would like me to pick up a pack at the store for him. He gratefully and quickly said YES! The conversation went like this:

Me: “Would you like me to buy some at the store this year?”

His very quick answer: “YES!”

Me: “Great! Would you like me to pick up (switch to my most girly voice evah) the pink lacy kind?”

Him: Well his first ‘answer’ was with a “look”. Mom’s, I’m sure you know the one, yup, that one. Then he said: “Uhhh, no Mom. Don’t you Dare. If you do, I’m not using them!” pause “I mean it.”

Me: “Hee,hee,hee I know, I know. I won’t buy those ones. I promise.”

This morning he let me know more details about the Valentines he would like to give out, the lollypop style. He made sure to include this:

“That DONT say love.”

He said that in his deepest, most serious voice he owns- No joking allowed this time Mom. I got it.

That at least narrows it down for me. I know not to look for anything that resembles this:

So true to my word, on my way home from work today you’ll find me at the local drug store looking for Valentines that are not cute, not frilly, not lacy, not pink and certainly do not say ‘love’ on them. Oh, and hold a lollypop. Wish me luck. Lots of luck, because I’m not 100% sure they exist…


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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