Fa, Fa, Fashion

I am not a fashionista. Nor am I a fashion designer. Have you seen what I wear? I have no idea how to really ‘mix’ color and make it look good. I stick with the basics. I keep it simple. Does it work? Does it work on for me? I have no idea. I have had the thought cross my mind more than once that my closet would be a wonderful candidate on What Not To Wear. Really.

When it comes to fashion I am pretty close to clueless, but I know what I like, love, wish I could wear! The goth, punk and emo fashions. Goth for it’s black on black, emo for tossing in just a massive pop of color and punk for it’s I don’t give a rip attitude. All three are free within their own confines.

The heavy makeup, the layers of non-layered clothing, the heels! I swoon for the heels! Like these *heart flutters*

I want to slip my foot in them and go! I would wear these every single day if I could do that and still be able to walk at all.

Thankfully for us old types they are making such beauties as this:

Not that I can pull them off either. Maybe. Maybe not.

Or this:

Prolly not. At least not well. Too much booty, spare tires and muffin back…

There was once a day I totally could pull that off. Back when I was crack-skinny. For the record I’ve never smoked crack. Or shot it or anything’d it. Crack is bad people. Bad. I was just lucky to be skinny, Bean Pole was not an uncommon nick-name for me. Now I’ve been babyfied and am not so bean pole-ish anymore.

I don’t dress like that. Not just because of my body size, although that is a HUGE part of the reason. I work in the public school system. I don’t think my boss or the parents would be very happy if I showed up in something skimpy tight with buckets of makeup on. I think the kid’s might run in fear. Far, far away. When it comes right down to it, I don’t think I’d be very comfortable in anything tight anyway. I like comfort these days. Gah-I think I’m getting old!

I find it’s fun to toss in a little something from time to time. Like my dagger earings. Very Victorian looking, but upon close inspection you will see they are daggers. So far only one person has discovered their true identity and that was at a club. Also for the record I don’t wear them to work. We have a very strict anti-weapon policy and I believe you cannot ask someone to follow a rule you are not yourself following.

Pulling off a true goth or emo outfit, head to toe, I think I can not do that these days. But I sure would like to!

Then there is the hair. I have curly hair. Crazy, curly hair. It’s hard to keep it down, takes a lot of conditioner. No way will I ever have emo hair. It will never be that straight-ever. Not all the product or flat ironing in the world will make it oober straight. But that’s ok because here’s a look I can totally pull off:

Yes when it comes to goth, oh I’ve got the hair for it! I’m not complaining, I love my hair. I play with it on occasion. I’ve dyed it green. Every last strand. The results were awesome! But expensive. I found that I couldn’t afford it. I’ve been working it back into the budget though. The green will return.

When it comes to fashion, there are definitions and opinions. Styles and stylists. Everyone has their favorite. Fashion is good as long as you don’t make it bigger than it needs to be. I would totally be ok with those folks walking into my closet and tossing out all that I shouldn’t wear. Since that ain’t gonna happen, I’ll just wear what I wear and call it good enough.

But if I should somehow loose 65 pounds and keep it off, I might just try that dress above…and definitely those shoes…yes definitely the shoes!


About Sheila's Thinkerings

Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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