Cake Class 201

Today was a fun day! Despite the fact that Big K has the flu. You can’t get me down stupid flu! Ok you totally can, but I always get back up again…eventually.

Back to the fun!

I went to Cake Class 201! With my best friend Stacey!

Double win!!!

We had so much fun! LuAnn is our teacher and she is great! We learn so much and the best part of cake decorating is…drum roll please…you get to eat the cake! (You totally saw that one coming right?) But before I demolish cut my cake I took some pictures for your eyes to feast upon. If I could, I would send you a slice through the world wide interwebs. Since that is currently not possible you’ll have to make do with only seeing the frosts fruits of my labor.

Remember I am not a professional. But I don’t mind playing!

This is the scrollwork side. It’s very free-hand but with a pattern that is not a pattern. Tricky little thing! It has a fancy name, but I can’t remember what it’s really called. #notapro

This fourth of the cake is the balloons. They are quick and easy! I found that if I kept them on the smaller side, they are cute! The border is called a rope border. Took me awhile to figure out how to get it right. I still am not sure mine looks like a rope, but this is the best side. Practice is key in all this decorating business!

This corner is the rose corner. My frosting was too soft to really form a rose but this one was pretty good. I’ll have to work on my frosting recipe for a better rose.

I should pause and explain the why the top of the cake is all un-matchedly decorated. LuAnn had us divide the top of the cake into fourths on purpose. That way we could use each fourth for practicing everything we learned today. She is so smart!

The last fourth is more rose buds. They are hard to make! At least they are hard for me. So simple but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. My buds look more like ribbons. I will definitely be practicing these little guys. Only on cookies. It’s quicker and easier to make a lot of cookies than it is to make cake. Maybe I should blame it on the soft frosting too…yeah, lets go with that.

This is today’s cake in all it’s mess glory! It’s a chocolate cake made from scratch with buttercream frosting. We can’t wait to eat it but we are. Hoping that if we wait one more day Big K can join us!

Did you notice that the bottom border is all melty? Because it IS melty. On the way home we had the heater on and cakes on the back seat. Turns out the heater in the back is under the seat! Oops. My border melted and Stacey’s cake slid off it’s middle and became one lopsided squished cake. Thankfully these are just practice cakes! No real harm done.

Cake Class is awesome! You learn so many tips and techniques and you get to practice them right there! If you’re stuck LuAnn will help you through until you get it. Best of all it’s soo fun! If you think you would like to give it a try, you totally should! Just remember to bring stiff frosting.


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