Well, it’s time. Time get off me booty and work that hip! Surgery has been – oh my – 4 months ago! I am lazy. Really, I am! L to the AZY! I need to be walking every day, but I am not.

Sure I walk around the house, store, school and what not. Yes I’ve done a couple half hour walks here and there and a 2.2k hike but that is not regular. I need to be regular (in more ways than one and look walking is even good for that!), a regular walker. I will start there. A runner I am not. My beautiful, talented and inspiring friend, Jenny, is a runner. Not just any runner-a marathoner, mini-tri, full-tri and soon Marathon Man runner! She has great stories of her journey at jennyonthespot.com. The best part is her inspirations! A runner I am not, but I can be a walker!

So I have decided that if I sign up for some walk-a-thons, then I must train. Voila. If I pay money, then I will follow through. It’s a win-win. My monies will support various charities and my hip will heal and strengthen! Total win-win! BONUS: I will (hopefully) loose a bit of weight while I’m at it. Unlike Jenny, I do not plan on eating a row of Oreos or cake, that is not my thing. I will only be walking so if I need carb loading or post-walk sustenance I will go for something like…oh…I dunno…a bag of Robins Eggs but due to their seasonality, perchance a quarter pan of brownies. That should get me through.

So I am going to be a walker. I do have a long term goal of being a cyclist again. (Note to all, I usually say biker. That does not mean you’ll see me on a Harley, I just say biker more than cyclist. Now you know). There was a time I did not own a car, only my beautiful mountain bike w/ dual mountain/road tread on the tires so I could use it in city or dale. I love that bike! She is my favorite. But alas she is very heavy, (and gone now), so my long term goal is to get moving on my peds, then use my light weight road bike then buy a new beauty for the mountains!!! Oh I am drooling already! I love to bike, love, love, love it! But back to reality, even though I have the go ahead to begin biking now post surgery, I feel wimpy and need to get up to speed.

Back to the walking, that is after all what this post is all about. I will be doing my first walk on May 9 in Silverdale. It’s a mini-walk. Only 3 miles total. But that is a great jumping off point don’t ya think? (that is rhetorical, no need to answer. No need to rub in my whimpy-ness). Thus will begin my walking athletics. I’m very excited and I can hardly wait! Mayhap one day I’ll join the Breast Cancer 3-Day, but that is not necessarily the plan. Could be…one day…could be…

Next step, (hee, hee, I crack even myself up-I know, I know!): new shoes. I bought a pair of running shoes that I have been using for a year now. They are hurting my feet cos they are ‘done’. I’m going to Oregon this weekend and that is on the list. Then next week my ‘training’ commences. Wish me luck, but mostly pray that I stick with it.


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Happily married wife, happily mommied mom. I am far from perfect but I don't mind. Also I am a wee bit crazy, it's true. Just ask anyone who's ever met me...
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