A certain pinned interest failed on me thrice

We all know that certain website where get to make ‘boards’ and ‘pin’ things onto them. But I won’t say its name for ‘real’ because this is not a post to bash the site. Besides I have an inclining that you know what I’m talking ’bout.

I love me some ‘pinning!’ Even more I love to look at other’s ‘pins’-oh yes!

I have gotten many ideas, tips, tricks and recipes from this glorious place! I’ve tried some and have many yet to try.

As I try things out, I’m finding new ways to do things. Sometimes better, sometimes not.

Here are three of the ‘nots’:

Number one: Pit stains. A tad icky, I know, but lets just face it-on our whitest whites, they’re there!

So I have a few white shirts that I wear a blazer or sweater with because of said issue. In the worst case scenarios the shirt goes away.

One day there it was! A pin on how to rid your whites and lights of the awful yellow-ick-stain. I found not just one but TWO different ways to remove it! Woohoo!

I tried them both.

The shirt is now gone. Both ways failed. I was so excited, then so let down. Good thing another certain store with “Fair and Square” prices has many new all white shirts.

Number two: Stop a pasta boil over.

The claim-if you place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot, the pasta water will not boil over the pan.

I was really curious as I cook. A lot. And make lots of pasta. But of course I’m a pro and have never had a boil over.


So I made some pasta, placed a wooden spoon across the pot and let it boil its little water into a frothy mess. The spoon did not stop anything from spilling over the side. On the contrary, I had a messier than usual spoon to wash. And a drip pan to clean-ugh.

Number three: click the pick to go to the website.

Now I’m certain that even you have experienced this one.

I am not a super avid ‘pinner’. But I do like to keep a few things for future reference, often from another pinner’s pin. One day I found a fabulous pin of a website for ideas for a family, nightly activity. I was so excited! I clicked it to go to the website only to find it was a false photo. The website was there. The name matched the photo’s description, but it was for Boat Sales. Or if that didnt’ catch your fancy you could do Mortgage Tax. If that didn’t light your fire, you could click on Realestate Sales.

Needless to say I did not save this for future reference. I’m pretty good not owning a boat. My Mortgage is happily taxed and I am currently in a lovely location we call home.

So that is my three pin fails.

All in all, not too bad. There are lots more that have worked and many, many more to try.

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I’m a teen mom! No wait…that’s not quite right…

I should say I’m now a Mom of a Teen.

As of today, I became the parent of the elusive teen. A male. Taller than I. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Happiest smile.


How the world did that happen?!?

I’m pretty sure it was only yesterday he was born.

He has grown into a lovely boy! No-lovely, young man!

Wait, are moms allowed to say that about their teen boys?

Can we call them lovely?

Can we call them ANYTHING?

Prolly not.

But I don’t care. I will call him lovely. Because he really, truly is. His heart is so pure, so wonderful, so…



It is just the perfect word to describe him.

And what do you get a brand new teen?

This is like a mile-stone birthday so it should be special!

I did this while he was at school today:

Some of his favorite things, 13 of each! (Except the Moon Pies, the store didn’t have enough. Technically he’s getting 14 pies, because there are two in each package, so it counts. Maybe I should eat one…)

Yeah, I think he’ll like it and it will be a nicely perfect surprise when he gets home.

My boy. My lovely boy is now 13.

Gosh that’s gonna take some time to wrap my head around!

But I’ll still call him lovely, even when this is the response I get:

It’s totes worth it.

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Stop speaking so loudly hands!

I make no secret of my age.

I’m a young and happy girl! Been walking this planet for…for…

…yeah…not really gonna put it out there.

I’m old.

Not ‘really’ old. Not old at all really. I don’t even know what ‘old’ is.

I’m just not ‘young’ anymore.

Not by the counting of years anyway.

In my heart, mind and soul I’m still just a kid!

I like to play. I like to explore. I like to learn and live and love! I LOVE to laugh.

You would think my belly would be tiny with all the laughing I do, but I digress…

But if you were to look closely at my hands, they would not lie to you. They are telling you my age.

Let me apologize in advance should you need to shake my hand. They feel like leather. Not the soft, supple kind either. More like old, well worn, been-wet-but-are-now-dry garden gloves.

I’m sorry if I inadvertently give you a little exfoliation as our hands un-clasp.

Hey! Why don’t we just wave instead? That will be better, for all of us.

The lines upon my hands. The creases. I think my skin has acquired a certain houndstooth pattern across the backs of my hands.

I’m not kidding. I’m pretty sure you can take silly putty and give it a really sweet indentation. Maybe even use the back of my hands for ‘stamping’ a background on cardstock. We could call it “HoundsHand”…sell it as ‘specialty’ paper…

Yes my hands are showing the age of me.

It’s o.k. though. I’ll adjust to the ‘new’ old me. Just give me time.

*give me time-I crack myself up!*

Well at least my hands still know how to Rock!

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Uh- h!


My keyboard is on the fritz!

The ‘o’ key is being temperamental!

Do you know how many ‘o’s’ are in words?

Lets look at that sentence again, with out my stroke-backs to insert the ‘o’:

D y u kn w h w many ‘ ‘s’ are in w rds?


I’ve seen that reading test before. The one where the words are all mixed up, scrambled and miss-spelled but if you just ‘read’ it anyway, all the words fall into place and you can comprehend what is written.

I’m not sure losing your ‘o’ key is the same thing.

My laptop is not that ld…I mean old…

Please little ‘o’ key, hang in there.

It just won’t look right substituting the ‘0’ key in y0ur place.

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Summer, Summer, Summer!

Does that sound like a toddler’s tiny, high-pitched voice accompanied by a stamping of the foot?

Perhaps a teenagers gravelly rant?

Or my sing-song-y lilt?

It’s prolly a combo of all of the above…summer is here, I’m super excited! But where is the heat?

Maybe soon we’ll break 70 degress…or not. One never knows here in the Pacific Northwest, but we roll with it. Because it IS summer at last!

What are your plans for summer?

We have made a few. Visit the zoo, go on a hike once a week, hit the beaches as often as possible, picnic heavily and smile everyday.

We also have something new. A new summer ‘routine’. I must quotation that because the whole point of summer is to lose the routine. This summer, there is just a bit of one that we’ll try out.

The kids are not exactly thrilled with all of it, but they are willing and understand the reasons of they why’s and how come’s…

When we wake up each morning the first thing will be a 10 minute devotional time for each of us. This will not be the same 10 minutes. My youngest is an early, early riser, 5-6 a.m. is not uncommon. I’m a 5:45-6:12 awaken-er, riser can happen any time between then and 7. Oldest rises at anyones guess. I’m figuring the 10 a.m. hour will be more his ‘norm’. But the 1 p.m. will not shock me. Whenever the rising takes place, the devotional is to follow.

After devotionals will be some school work time. Yes I’m one of ‘those’ moms. I make my kids keep up with the basics every summer. It really pays off! I see my kids excel each and every year in school. *Mom brag moment: HE MADE THE HONOR ROLL! WOOT!* Really, it’s not hours and hours of schooling, just 10-20 minutes or so.

After that then the part they are not thrilled with: 30 minutes of weeding.

Ugh. For all of us. This will be like pulling teeth. But have you seen the size of my yard? The size of the weeds? This is a must. If I don’t have help, they will win! My yard will become dandy-ed alright-with Lions! Bonus though-the oldest gets to learn the lawn tractor this year! (Let the driving lessons commence-eep!)

Lastly, they will need to read for an hour. Anytime they want. Morning, noon or night, but an hour. Any book, anywhere, anytime. This is not pulling teeth. We all love our books! Summer reading program here we come!

Add all that up and I’m only asking for about two hours of their long summer day. It’s not so much to ask.

And we will fill all those in-between moments full of non-routine hours. All the summer fun we can find! A bike ride to Mora Ice Creamery is all about the fun, with yummy ice cream on top!

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Learning to weed an ants nest.

As the title says, Sherie stop reading now, if you even made it this far.

It was a most gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest! The sun was shining plenty! My lower back will be proof of that. There is a nice sun burn stretching one end to the other of it. Sunscreen. It’s important for even the backside. Oops.

Because the sun was shining and we are coming off a very wet week, I got out there in the yard and began to pull some ginormous weeds. The combination of heavily rained soil on a warm day equals perfect weeding weather. Not only does the yard look better, you get to soak up warm Vitamin D!

So I was out there weeding away when I noticed an ant. Then another. Then another.

Then another.

Then many more.


You know how it is weeding, you’re looking at your patch o weeds your currently pulling. Not the whole area. Maybe that’s just me. I have so much to weed that I only focus on where I am, not the big picture. That would be disheartening!

After noticing the many ants running around, I did look at the bigger area. Good thing I had because they were EVERYWHERE! All around me, on me, in the weeds and under the bark.


So I stood up.

Nothing like sitting in a nest o’ ants that you’ve just dug up.

Thankfully these were carpenter ants. Not fire ants. That would be bad. Carpenters bite, but not right away. They take their time to assess the situation, then when they figure out what is going on you need to move yourself. I was lucky. They didn’t know it was me creating all the havoc.

I stood up and moved to a new patch of weeds for a while. Watching them run around trying to figure out what turned their nest upside down.

Then I went back to it. Sorry guys, these weeds are going.

Until they got all stirred up again, then I moved back to the other patch of weeds. Worked there until they calmed down.

I repeated this process a few times.

I didn’t finish that area. It takes longer when you’re letting ants calm down and really by the fourth intrusion of me, they weren’t calming down very quickly anymore.

Thank goodness they don’t have stingers or the temperament of yellow jackets! I would’ve been in a world of hurt! But I prolly woulda caught on quicker what I was in the middle of.


So now you know too how to weed a carpenter ants nest. Dive in until there are many, then move to another area until they calm down. Then go back in. Repeat.

All in all, it’s not so bad. They are pretty calm as far as ants go.

And my yard will look better.

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Exasperation, Stress and Parenting

I’m a mom. Not a SAHM. Not a single mom. Not the best Mom, regardless of what my kids tell you. They just don’t know all my failures, and I do make them. You will not be reading a blog from me about my perfections. Evah.

It says in the Bible, and I’m paraphrasing here: Parents do not exasperate your children… I’ve read it. You can to if you so desire, in Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 4. I’ve even told my self this verse over and over in a kind of mantra like state. Because I’ve broken this advice and done just the opposite-exasperated my children.

Today I looked up the definition of exasperation. Oh it’s a gem:
Irritate intensely; infuriate

Pleasant words right?

You can judge me guilty of the offense.

But this is a two-way street. They have also ‘intensely irritated’ me. And I’m the adult here, supposed to have it all ‘together’. I’m supposed to know that they are just learning and it’s my job to teach them.

It is. But they still can get under my skin-oy!

Since I am understanding more and more what the heck exasperation is, I am learning more and more when it may get ‘intense’.

Round these parts, all of us can get riled up when:

-the Mommy is under stress. When my obligation plate has two-too many portions that I cant’ seem to scrape off.

-the Mommy is trying to comprehend, control (ha!), understand, adapt to this thing called peri-menopause.

-when the Mommy has said no less than 20 times _______ (here you can fill in the blank: clean your room, brush your hair, feed the dog, etc. You know those seemingly every day things that they SHOULD have down by now)

-or when the Mommy is so tired her eyes are crossing.

-even just the non-stop jabber about nothing when what I needed was a little quiet time.

-the doozy: when there is any combo of the above, run just run far, far away from me. You’re welcome.

And those are all types of excuses. Regardless of the situation, we are supposed to do better. Be better. Be the good example and walk them through the moment to the other side without the drama and occasional loudness of exasperation. Yet I have failed at each and every one of those examples above. So have they, well maybe not the peri-menopause they are just children after all.

But I also know that this parenting thing isn’t easy. Don’t take that as a lame excuse. I mean it. It’s hard (how do you single/military/widowed mommies DO this? Blessings upon you. Many blessings!). There are going to be days you’re so tired you can barely stand to cook dinner which is only a box of mac ‘n cheese. There are going to be days when you are pulled in too many directions at the same time. There are going to many hours of constant, annoying chatter about nothing at all. There will definitely be those days you will have to say everything not just once, but 20 times. And yes, there will be a day that your hormones are so out of whack you shock your own self!

…and it’s going to be ok.

Parenting is hard. They are learning and so are we parents. No one is born with a “How to Parent Perfectly” manual. No. One. We all work our way through as we go.The goal is to do the best we can while not causing permanent, lasting damage.

I am so thankful I had good parents to model from. Perfect ones, no. Close, but no.

I am doing the best I can and yes I exasperate and get exasperated, but I know we are all doing our best. We are family and that bond is worth it all. We are strong. When we fail we know we will pick each other up, apologise and move forward. Becoming better for the next time. Hopefully one day, there won’t be a next time?…(right parents of 50 year olds? Shine me that light please!)

We are not wearing our rosy glasses on this one. We’ve done it wrong. We still make mistakes and we’re not giving up. I’m in for the parenting long-haul.

I’m just so grateful we also have forgiveness and the best family anyone could ever ask for.

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